Garden of the Day

Here’s another perennial favorite from Columbia Heights. At first glance it just looks like two strips of flowers but on closer inspection you can see there are a number of varieties and they’re really nicely spaced. I actually ran into the owner and his wife and he had a funny comment. He says to me that he gardens now because he can’t play sports anymore so now gardening is his sport. I thought that was awesome.

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  • i don’t know if this is really a perennial favorite – more like an annual favorite.

  • Dan, you should check out the garden at the corner of Florida and Seaton across the street from the Rita’s/Mint.

  • Eu adoro ver este jardim pena que vejo apenas por fotos mais logo espero ver ao vivo e a cores.
    faby amo seu jardim ele é lindo e florido como vc.
    com td meu carinho.Day

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