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  • ok, that is a seriously beautiful garden. I wonder why anyone tries to have tiny lawns….

    • seriously! why you would have a boring lawn in this city when you can have lush, gorgeous garden like this is beyond me. the variety here is beautiful.

  • Every “Garden of the Day” makes my mini garden look like a sad little amateur attempt!

    Are the featured gardens generally done by very talented home owners or with the help of professional landscapers?

    I’d love to find a designer/landscaper to work with who’d help with a design, then actually let me get my hands dirty with the installation.

  • Hi Cait,
    I’m no designer/landscaper by any means, but I’ve got some great gardening books and I’d be happy to either let you borrow them or take a look at your garden and help you plan things out. What I’ve learned in my short time gardening is that you’ve just got to willing to try things out and if they don’t work move them.

    For books, I’ve really liked the Ever-Blooming Flower Garden and the Perennial Gardener’s Design Primer(you can tell what kind of garden I favor).

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