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Ed. Note: Future owner requests must have a craigslist ad listing.

This rental is located at 4th and M St. SW:

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The owner’s email says:

“Would you please consider including my beautiful, $2,000/month including utilities and an indoor parking space, huge (1150 sq. ft), two bedroom, 1-1/2 bath condo for rent in the beautiful SW waterfront area?

Half block to the Waterfront Metro stop (4th and M St. SW) and a brand new Safeway, two blocks to the waterfront marina and Channel walkway. Large outdoor swimming pool and beautifully landscaped grounds.

Available for occupancy July 1, 2010. Tel# 202-498-3170.”

Does $2,000 a month sound reasonable?

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  • I wouldn’t mind hearing from folks who live in the SW Waterfront area about what it’s like living down there. It’s quite a unique area unlike anyplace else in the District. There are always bargains to be had down there.

  • no. frikkin. way.

    • Care to give a reason why you dismiss it so easily? Have you even been to that area?

      That size apartment, one block from Metro, free parking, utilities included in a mostly quiet neighborhood. Please,t ell me where else in DC you’ll find an apartment with all those features for $2,000 a month?

  • I live in the neighborhood, and I really like it. The new Safeway is gorgeous, Arena Stage is looking fabulous, and it’s definitely on the up-and-up. Plus, geographically, it’s really convenient to pretty much anywhere – by mass transit or by car. Not that you necessarily want to leave – the waterfront is nice and the fish market certainly qualifies as unique. Admittedly, it’s relatively sleepy, but in my opinion that’s not a bad thing.

    People often unfairly cite crime as a problem, but I encourage people who think that to look at a crime map of DC and compare prevalence in SW with Chinatown or Adams Columbia Heights. It’s actually substantially LESS here in SW.

    All that said, $2000 is a bit too much, even with all utilities included. $1700 would be more reasonable for two roommates, especially if you consider it has no parking.

    • Um, it says it has parking.

      I lived about a block away from this place in SW for a year, but way back in 2000-2001. I liked it just fine: very easy access by car to Virginia if you need to be there, easy access to downtown, fairly quiet. New Safeway, new Arena Stage and demolition of Waterfront Mall have to be considered pluses.

      Minuses: gigantic Greenleaf Gardens public-housing complex was the site of a rather flagrant open-air drug market along 3rd Street between M and K (don’t know if it’s still a problem or not); cabs often refused to take me home to SW late-night.

      That area is on the rise, and that apartment is huge. Two bedrooms, utilities included PLUS parking for $2K seems like a good deal to me in this market, if you don’t mind being removed from the trendier parts of town.

      • saf

        I still can’t get cabs to come to our place, which is less than 3 blocks from the Georgia Ave metrorail station. Cabs are always the last to know what’s safe, IMO and IME.

    • The person’s description says it comes with an indoor parking space, actually.

      But yeah, overpriced. I love the SW Waterfront and a friend of mine used to live in that exact building. I think your call of $1700 is on the money, so to speak.

  • I’m not sure what housing market the commenters live in, but $2000 for a 1100 square foot plus 2 bedroom apartment one block from a Metro station with parking in a safe area of DC seems like a great bargain. You’d be hard-pressed to find a place that cheap in a suburb

  • Overpriced for the area and age of the apartment building. Their is a glut of available housing in the immediate vicinity.

    • agreed. I work near there and have friends near that area. The pond is nice but 2000 is too much.

  • ha! i have worked a few blocks away for the last 15 years. the place a STEAL! especially if you can lock down a lease for the next five years. the problems that once were, are loong gone. LONG GONE. my wife and i took a stroll along the waterfront there a few weeks ago. it’s a really neat place that most folks dismiss, mostly because they don’t live or work around the area. seriously. five years ago, i would have said $1600 for the place. now? $2k is a steal. within a 4 block radius, you have a post office, a potbelly restaurant, a CVS, a safeway, a subway sandwich shop, a fedex kinkos, quiznos, mcdonalds, vie de france, several bank branches, safeway, DMV, three starbucks, etc.

    and the drug market at 3rd was gone many moons ago. there’s a military base adjacent to the listing, and after 9-11, area drug fiends and thieves have been…. unemployed.

    hell, i’d suggest this place to a bunch of people. which i will.

  • I live in this building, and pay slightly over half of this for a 1br without parking. This price is average but not great for a 2b in the building. all the units have lots of light and big (about 6×12 feet) balconies, which is a major perk.

    Pros: the building has a 24-hr desk attendant who can accept packages, a swimming pool, less than a block from the Metro and and brand new Safeway (with new CVS, bank, sit down restaurant, burger place, and Subway having signed leases to move in later this year), an easy walk to (and in some units view of) the Mall and the harbor/fish wharf and Nats stadium, a longer walk to Eastern Market or Chinatown, the 70/71 bus at the corner and 2 blocks to the circulator, Arena Stage reopening in October. Low crime (especially to the west of the metro. I get the daily crime emails from the police and this is by far the safest PSA in the first district). The building is pet friendly, though the individual landlord here might not be.

    Cons: laundry is in the basement (though it’s clean and safe and relatively cheap). Not a lot of retail. My apartment’s AC isn’t terribly powerful against the morning sunlight (my unit faces east). There are public housing developments to the east. I don’t really like any of the bars and clubs and restaurants on Water st and only go to Cantina Marina. The streets are very quiet and can feel deserted at night. Helicopters sometimes fly by (not police ones–government/military ones going to bases). The apartment was built in the late 60s and is in that ugly middle ground between new and historic.

    I love living in SW and would happily buy a place here when I’m ready to stop renting. I feel safe walking to and from safeway, the metro, or the bus at night. It’s one of the more diverse parts of the city, with a decades-long mix of races and income levels. I have a plot in a community garden 2 blocks from me; the other gardeners range from folks in their mid-20s to 60s and 70s (black and white, male and female). There’s awesome jazz & fish fry nights for $5 at a church nearby. I like it just the way it is, and it’s only getting better.

    • any problems with pests/bugs in the building?

      • none that I’ve noticed. They’ve started doing a mandatory inspection/extermination of each unit in the property, so any problems that do exist should be remedied.

  • I have to say, I rent a two story two-bedroom row house 3 blocks away, and pay much less.

    I moved to the SW back in Sept. after two years living at U and 13th NW. I live near the section-8 housing, (we’re surrounded by it) and I love it. Rent is cheap, it is a hundred times easier to get in and out of DC by car, and the crime is remarkably lower. Yeah, there is some criminal activity in the buildings around us, and we’ve heard the occasional gunshots, but that’s not different from U Street, and I often feel like the violence here tends to be personal (i.e. people who know each other) whereas I felt like any bystander could be a target for a mugging or break-in on U Street. Just because they live in public housing doesn’t make our neighbors bad–they’ve all been friendly to me. Plus, we’re two blocks from the game, and that’s kind of sweet too. I’d prob. invest in property down here if I had the money!

    • “I often feel like the violence here tends to be personal (i.e. people who know each other)”

      In my personal experience this wasn’t true– my roommate and I were victims of crime despite having no ties (except residential proximity) to any of the perpetrators. Honestly, I loved everything about SW except the crime, which is what eventually drove me out. However, this was over 2 years ago and several blocks east (right next to the stadium). I think the waterfront area is very much block-by-block.

    • Oh, and at the time I was renting a two-story rowhouse for $1600/month, so this seems about right or maybe slightly high.

      • Interesting–because I live right by the stadium too. I think times have changed. Admittedly, there is a tremendous amount of police presence, which certainly helps, and I think there has been a turnover (hate to say it, but gentrification?). But honestly, nobody gives us any problems. Considering that a house was robbed at gunpoint a block away from my old digs at U Street, I’ll take my current neighborhood in a heart beat. It’s not perfect, but hey that’s city life.

  • I swim at Waterside Swim and Fitness very close to this place. I have often considered moving to the neighborhood, but the lack of nightlife is what dissuades me. I also had a scary experience in a basement laundry room when I lived in NYC, so I put a high value on in-unit laundry.

    I think the rent for this 2BR is reasonable, if you consider that utilities and parking are adding about a $200 value. I bet the owner would have more luck posting at $1800 without the inclusions.

  • I was a victim of an armed robbery on Dec 31 2009 at 1:30 in the afternoon near the Greenleaf Gardens complex after living in SW for an otherwise quiet year. Car got broken into once. Been to the new Safeway and its very nice but I could never live in that area again. Living in ParkView I feel more at home with knowing many of my neighbors. It’s nice to walk down the street and wave to folks. SW always felt cold to me and I hardly interacted with my neighbors. Lovely to walk around the marina though.

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