ESPN Zone Closing Tues. June 16th

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ESPN Zone is located at 555 12th St, NW. AP reports:

“The Walt Disney Co. said Wednesday that it is closing five ESPN Zone restaurants in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C., saying the economics of the business were “very challenging.” [h/t PQ Living]

When we discussed World Cup viewing possibilities ESPN Zone came up a few time. I’m now liking Public Barin Dupont as a good replacement. (Though I’m still praying I can get a seat at Momo’s on U St.)

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  • I will miss their air hockey!

  • Yeah, they already closed some other locations last year. I was looking forward to going to the one in Denver back in March, only to find out that they had closed.

  • I don’t have much of an option on ESPN Zone, but as far as the World Cup goes…
    I don’t follow it, but I heard the guy at Veranda (11th & P) mention that he was going to have “all the games” on.
    So maybe another option for people?

  • I don’t think many people will be saddened by the loss. ESPN Zone was a horrible place where the clock was always ticking on your table. “Oh you’d like to sit for a few more minutes and watch the end of the game after spending $60 on your meal? Then buy another $15 hamburger.”

    At least the one in Baltimore had some events.

    (I don’t really know how much their burgers are. Overpriced, I know that.)

  • Say hello to Dave and Buster!

  • good riddance. i understand that this tourist area catered to a tourist crowd that wants chains that are familiar to them (e.g., hard rock cafe), but this area was starting to look really manufactured.

    b4 anyone starts jumping down my throat, i have no problem w/ chains. i think they serve a purpose and think it’s important to have a mix of businesses. it’s just the clustering of places like this that bothers me.

  • Every time I saw the place, I was reminded it existed at all. Hard to imagine it being a favorite for locals. And no matter how many or how big their TV screens are, the idea of seeing Cup matches in a place like this would be like going to heaven with an eternal case of the crabs (a good thing wasted by foul distractions).

    Set & Setting is everything for the Cup.

  • goaldigger

    Yeah, don’t let the door hit ya. They pre-programmed their broadcasts from some central office so God forbid you wanted to watch a local team that wasn’t part of that (you had to beg and plead to get them to deviate from the plan). Food was over sized, over priced and nothing special. Sorry for the folks who will soon be unemployed, I wish them well. That space is mammoth so it will be interesting to see what goes in there (maybe a museum?)

  • Will not be missed. Speaking of sports bars, any update on the one being developed on Georgia Avenue? How about the proposal to put some sort of wings place / sports bar place / something of that ilk in Highland Park?? I’d love to see something open in the ‘hood prior to football season (although hopefully Meridian Pint will be a great place to watch football, assuming they get the NFL package and show multiple games downstairs).

  • I heard recently that the Richard Nixon Museum is looking for some prominent storefront space inside the tourist zone downtown, but this seems like it would be way too large for their needs.

    • I guess there’s not enough space to build a visitor’s center by the Nixon Monument near the 3rd Street tunnel?

  • Downtown, is that a joke or for real? I can’t tell …

  • Well, I for one will miss it. Only place during the French Open, Wimbledon, and USO that I could leave work and go watch a tennis match. Place was usually kind of empty (at least the bar was). Bartender was really cool and didn’t force you order anything.

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