Dodge City Gets New Signage and Second Hand Clothing Store Coming to 14th St, in Columbia Heights, UGG coming to Georgetown

Thanks to a reader for the heads up about the new signage at Dodge City at 917 U St, NW.

And a second hand clothing store (though there will be some new items as well) is opening up at 3531 14th St, NW. This is the storefront that was going to house the Guatemala Bakery.

The coming soon sign for UGG is at 1249 Wisconsin Ave, NW.

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  • “Best hand”? Is that clothing especially tailored for righties?

  • Dodge City lost a lot of points in my book last night when they turned away my friend because he was wearing flip-flops. What I thought would be a cool neighborhood place to have a few cocktails is now clearly turning into a pretentious hipster/dark-rimmed glasses/overly tattooed hangout. Not to mention their door guy was a smug POS. Maybe someone should remind him he is working at door at a bar. Their lame act lost them my business, my friends’ business and anyone else I can tell to steer clear of their place. No one needs your better-than-you attitude. Because you aren’t.

    • seriously, help a friend out, buy him some shoes.

    • I’m not sure if I’d look for a bar on U Street to be my friendly neighborhood “Cheers” substitute.

    • People with flip flops should be banned from leaving the beach.

    • come one now – it’s not like they’re requiring top hats and monocles [though I’m sure there will be a themed bar like that on H St NE soon]. I’m not usually a fan of ‘dress codes’, but this is just the very basic of basics. No one wants to see your feet [unless you just had a pedi and are wearing cute open toe heels – then do your thang – it’s pride week after all.]

      • Lots of dirty, shirtless Pride Week guys were turned away on Saturday night for not wearing shirts. So it’s not like they’re limiting the discrimination to guys in flip-flops.

    • I wear flip flops a lot and am constantly annoyed when places have strict requirements about them, but at the same time it is a fact of life. I don’t wear flip flops when I head out for the night anymore, unless I know that the specific bar I am going allows them. Dodge City is by no means alone in not allowing in flip flops. It doesn’t surprise me that its the type of bar that wouldn’t allow them in either. If you are really looking for a super casual neighborhood bar, try Duffy’s at the corner of Vermont and Florida, one block away. With its candle-lit ambiance and hipster-friendly beer list, this place isn’t Cheers. Also, I am sure the doorman acted just like any other doorman would. They have to be firm – it is their job. The doorman had no say in the flip flop policy and was told by the owner to enforce the dress code. Sounds like your friend made a mistake that night that isn’t totally uncommon, but is still totally their fault. This is by no means an outrage. I am more outraged at your outrage than by anything done by Dodge City.

  • UGG? Awesome!! So when I take my time machine back to 2003, I’ll have something trendy to wear on my feet!

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