Dear PoP – World Cup Fever

“Dear PoP,

I’m looking for where I and some soccer-loving buddies of mine should go watch some World Cup matches, especially the US ones, a couple of which are fairly early in the morning.

The basic requirements are:

*good beer

*giant teevees tuned appropriately

*lots of other fans, but not so many the fire marshal gets involved

Wondering if you can throw this one out to the wisdom of the hive mind.”

Well first let me say that, as you may have heard yesterday, bars are allowed to open 1 hour earlier than usual at 7am for the World Cup. You guys played a small role in that decision voting 93% in favor of this legislation before it was legislation…

At the time I said I thought it would be fun to watch the games at two soon to be opened spots – Biergarten Haus on H St, NE and Meridian Pint at 11th and Park Road, NW.

Other good choices:

On U Street – Momo’s at 1334 U St. NW is likely to be very crowded but very fun.

Stoney’s on P St (b/w 13th and 14th, NW), in Logan Circle (pictured above).

In Adams Morgan on 18th St, NW you can catch the games at Ventnor Sports Cafe. Also in Adams Morgan games will be shown at Tryst and The Diner. (And in Woodley Park at Tryst’s cousin – Open City).

You can’t go wrong at Lucky Bar on Connecticut Ave in south Dupont.

Ugly Mug will probably be a good bet for those near Barrack’s Row.

If you have other recommendations of where to catch the game please leave in the comments.

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  • Any suggestions for World Cup watching in NoVa? I live in DC, but unfortunately work in Court House/Clarendon. Danke!

    • Summers Restaurant at the Courthouse Metro has long been a staple in the area for watching soccer games (not just World Cup). Lots of us from the District regularly go there on Saturday mornings to catch the early EPL games because they open before the DC bars.

      • Yeah – Courthouse/Clarendon are actually hot spots for soccer. Kitty O’Shea’s will do good business during the Cup as well. And it has a nicer bar feel to it than Summers. Four Courts will be open as well.

      • Agreed. Most of the soccer fans in DC are moving to Arlington County, anyway. It is a soccer mecca.

        • Does Arlington have better access to TV coverage of the world cup?

          • His 2 friends that like soccer moved to Arlington so clearly all Soccer fans live there now.

          • Yes. And better soccer bars that aren’t full of the awful poseurs from places like Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York, who go to DC “soccer” bars just because they believe it’s hip to like soccer, even though they don’t know a thing about the game.

            Arlington soccer is real. Do yourself a favor and spend some time among real soccer fans in Arlington County before moving back to whatever small town you came from after your internship is over.

        • hahaha what a joke

  • What’s great is that with games on ESPN and ABC you can watch it almost anywhere that has a TV. Unlike, say, Premiership soccer that requires a special cable package.

    Where you want to go really depends on what you are looking for. Any of the list above, anywhere “Irish” and anywhere they normally show soccer will be absolutely PACKED. Great atmosphere but if you actually want to pay attention to the match it might be tricky with the crowds.

    That said a lot of the fun of a World Cup is the atmosphere – not everyone wants to sit in darkened rooms obsessing over Macherano’s defensive positioning.

    Often you’ll find great crowds in the most random places. I had a seat at the bar to watch a Champions League final at Sesto Senso a few years ago when there Lucky Bar had a line out of the door and people were missing the game.

    I remember watching games four years ago at a random pizza place near Whole Foods in Alexandria.

    Go USA!

  • ah

    Note, however, that the emergency legislation does not allow beer sales to begin any earlier. So no sprint and taper, to allow a sober late arrival at work.

  • Molly Malone’s on 8th is (I believe) the official bar of DC United and Barra Brava, so I’d guess they’d be tuned in…

    • Molly Malone’s is also the official bar of the DC chapter of the American Outlaws supporters’ group. It’ll be hopping.

      I’m closer to U St., so I’ll be at Momo’s if I can get a spot, but pretty much any and every bar worth its salt (and lime, and Sauza) will be going big on the World Cup.

  • Just have to remark that in the past I have had some snide comments and not so friendly soccer experiences at Stoney’s from the bartenders and other patrons. They will probably show the games but they are not necessarily a soccer bar.

    I had a great time at Tonic during the last World Cup and have watched some international games at Marx Cafe. Not sports bar-sized tvs but a good knowledgable and fun crowd.

  • Meridian Pint won’t be open in time for the first round of the World Cup.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      That is not true. Unless something just came up they plan on being open by June 11th.

      • SusanRH

        From facebook: “Meridian Pint As much as we’re trying, it’s looking like we’ll miss the beginning of World Cup. We hope to open by the 17th or so.”

  • I know it’s kind of a lame chain, but I really recommend Fado on 7th for soccer. They treat the sport well all year round – have good TVs and aren’t shy about turning the sounds up. Plus I like their breakfast.

    The Irish Channel on 5th and H will be a good choice too.

    Lucky Bar will be the noisiest, if that’s what you’re looking for.

    The Dubliner is open for breakfast – I bet they’ll be World Cup friendly for early matches.

    Ventnor, Momo’s, Stoney’s… meh. The Diner was fantastic for wee hours games in 2002. For the afternoon kick-offs, would be great if Churchkey does a beer tie-in to country’s playing – I bet they will. Nice TV’s there, but usually no sound. If Biergarten Haus is open, they’ll be mobbed.

    • Busboys on fight and k will be open showing the games. They have a decent beer selection.

  • No atmosphere is like Lucky.. but you MUST get there very early. Although its loud, they crank the volume in the main viewing area. Plus they bought a whole bunch of new TV’s for the new cup.

    Elephant and Castle has their new(ish) location near Farragut West, which will be good spot for sneaking out of work for a couple hours.

    • The atmosphere at Lucky Bar is great if you’re primarily there to get wasted, but it’s not the best place to go if you want to concentrate on the game. Too small and too full of howling drunkards.

  • McGinty’s in Silver Spring might…

  • If you really care about the quality of the presentation, you wont’ find a better place to go than ESPN Zone. I have no idea if they’re planning on opening early, though.

    Also, if you have a friend who has a 3D TV and a video provider that will be carrying ESPN 3D, that’s probably the way to go.

    • ESPN Zone will be open for all matches (checked their site). I can’t really stomach the place, but that’s not a bad call on the 3D aspect.

  • what about basketball?? celtics friendly spots?

  • Will Univision carry the games? If so, it seems that any hole-in-the-wall joint in Columbia Heights or parts of Petworth will show the games. And since I don’t have a TV, but I do speak Spanish, that’s all I’m looking for….

  • Is Red Derby going to have anything?

  • The Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse will be showing games on its screen. I went there to watch Germany vs. Costa Rica four years ago. Good beer, too.


  • I bet BlackFinn and Public will also have a lot of viewing going on, since they are soccer-friendly.

  • Watching the Honduras vs. Chile game in Mt Pleasant on June 16 would be fun – I imagine Haydees and Don Juan’s will show all the games.

  • Were showing all the games here at Ventnor Sports Cafe, in Adams Morgan…We will be open and serving breakfast for the games!

  • I don’t know about this world cup, but last time the various countries cultural centers were decent. Goethe institute had free beer and food during german games, plus you could bring your own in. Korus house was good during South Korean games.

  • Couple of places..

    Old Town Theater (on King Street, two blocks west of Washington) will be showing all of the games on the “big screen.” I’ve never been inside the place and I don’t know if they’re charging for admission or if they’re even doing it legally, but there you go. I know O’Sullivans on King and Union will also be showing all the games.

    They’re also planning on doing a free public airing of the big USA-England game (2pm, Saturday June 12th) in Dupont Circle. The organizers are the same guys who “planned” the Dupont Circle snowball fight, and they need to do some fundraising to offset the $20k bill DC is sending them for policing, but at least they have approval from FIFA.

    Me, I’ll be at Ireland’s Four Courts in Courthouse. Caught the Confederations Cup final there last summer (you know, the practice tournament no one knew about until the USA beat Spain) and it was crowded with a pretty jovial atmosphere then. Also I live down the street, and I’m lazy.

    • One little correction – the $20k they raised is not exclusively for DC police charges. I believe the biggest chunk is going to FIFA for large screen public viewing fees.

  • Maybe Wonderland will turn off the jukebox and turn up the radio feed. All the games are going to be on XM Satellite Radio.

  • It would seem that World Cup Fever has a lot of people generally acting ill. And with so many bars planning on showing the games, I think they’re spreading it a bit thin. At this rate, there will be three soccer fans at every bar.

  • I don’t think they play sporting events at the red derby.Maybe in the backroom but i think just old movies or something.

  • duffy’s near U will be open for all 2:30 games, but no earlier games.

  • Red derby is showing the us/Ghana game i don’t know if they’re showing any other games.

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