Dear PoP – What’s up with the Verizon Building on 14th St, NW?

“Dear PoP,

Also on 14th Street a block or so away to the South, there is a large Verizon building. It looks like the place has tons of telephone wires inside harkening back to an earlier time. I was just wondering if that building was ever used? It seems out-of-date and out-of-place now. Also seems like it would be great for lofts.”

Hahaha, that’s for sure, it’s a great location for lofts…but you’d have to put in a lot of new windows!

Does anyone know what actually goes on in this building?

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  • It’s Skynet.

  • That’s where the Rothschilds, the Ghetty’s, the Queen and the Col meet in their annual meeting.

  • It’s one of many central offices in the District, containing switching equipment. My guess is that it’s been in use for quite a long time, although a big part of it is probably filled with old equipment that is no longer in use, now that electronic switches take up a fraction of the space that the old mechanical ones did.

  • I’ve been inside. At one time it was packed with telephone exchange equipment but as cell phones have replaced land lines, and all electronic equipment is a fraction of its former size, it is almost empty (the old equipment having been removed.) Ironically there is a T-Mobile cell transmitter site on the roof that pays rent to Verizon.

  • I wouldn’t look for Verizon to sell it anytime soon, either. All that unused space could very well serve some future communications-related needs of theirs.

    • It’s fantastic space for a server network.

    • Forget the space, the amount of cable infrastructure that ties into those buildings make them impossible to move unless you rewire the neighborhood. However, w/ Fios, they are doing that, so these buildings may change.

  • I always thought that was DC’s local branch of the Men in Black.

  • Where on 14th St? Its a long street..

  • It is a central office, and its worth a lot more to the comapny than it is to the general market. Even if Verizon completely swapped out all of the copper for fiber lines, you still have to have a central office in that area (to house the fiber lines).

    The story is the same all over the country, Verizon has all of these central offices in prime real estate locations, but cant sell the majority of them because we have to put the lines somewhere. When we sold our headquarters in NY, we even leased back part of the building just so we wouldnt have to move the central office.

    Interesting fact: Verizon is the 3rd largest real estate owner in America (not sure if its still true but it was 3 years ago).

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