Dear PoP – Transoms

Photo and work by M. Martingdale

“Dear PoP,

So you always post awesome transom photos and it makes me totally jealous. The house we live in had some harsh tenants before we moved in and somehow they destroyed the transom over the front door, as well as several over the bedroom doors. Any suggestions on where to get some new ones made?”

You can try two local folks:

M. Martingdale – [email protected]



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  • On a related note, how much is a nice stained glass transom likely to set you back?

  • I am very curious about both of these questions as I attempt to construct my own transom. Any insights??

  • If you just want a new transom window without the stained glass you can have one made through Galligher & Huguely for around $100 bucks.

  • Our home also had either destructive tenants or owners that couldn’t stand to part with the transom windows – when we moved in we had lots of empty holes above the doors. I’ll definitely be calling these folks for estimates. Thanks!

  • I ordered a number of transoms through Smoot Lumber in Alexandria several years ago. I believe they were since bought by Stock Building Supply.

  • PoP is awesome…thanks for the post!

    So excited to get some cool new transoms put in.

  • why do some developers take out the transoms from the front door? laziness? cost? assholes?

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