Dear PoP – Spanish Tutors? Tennis Anyone?

“Dear PoP,

I’m looking for beginner Spanish lessons in the DC area. I think I’m leaning toward one-on-one or small group sessions, but am on a budget. I was wondering if any of your readers had recommendations.”


“Dear PoP,

I recently moved to the neighborhood and I’m looking for a tennis court with a practice wall.”

I know there are tennis courts at the Raymond Recreation Center located at 915 Spring Rd., NW by the Petworth Metro but I’m not sure if they have a wall. Anyone know if they have a wall as well? Also Banneker also has a number of tennis courts at the 2800 block of Georgia Ave, NW. But I’m also not sure if they have a wall. Anyone know?

Anyone know how to find reasonably priced Spanish tutoring?

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  • the courts by howard have a wall but under the rules 2 people always take precedence over 1 and there is always a wait so good luck with that

  • The courts on 300 block of Van Buren St. NW have a wall as well. They are also really nice.

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  • I tutor beginner Spanish. Not sure what you consider reasonable pricing.

    There is also Global Languages which is not one-on-one, but it is free. It is in very high demand and thus pretty hard to get into a class. Comes very highly recommended 🙂

  • I’ve always had my eye on some of the USDA language classes (in addition to Global Languages) – pretty cheap and you’d likely have lots of practice buddies!

  • If I needed Spanish lessons, I would just pick up a pretty Spanish speaking girl.

  • Further down, towards Dupont, I believe there is a hitting wall (24th and N St courts).

  • Think about joining one of the many area Spanish language Meet Ups. You have to put up a free brief profile and then there are regular meetings where people meet to practice Spanish by level. There are meetings every week, and you can pick or choose based on topic, date, location. Probably a good supplement to classes.

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