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“Dear PoP,

Can you find out why the power is out on several blocks in NW and NE. Ilive at 15th and Upshur and lost power last night about 8pm. The power came on about 1am and then went out again at 6:30am. Is there a reason for this? I know that a few weeks ago, the building I work in lost power for about 3 or 4 days in a row and we were on back up.”

I’ve definitely seen a few emails and tweets about this. I saw the following on a listserv:

“Seems there are continuous problems w/power outages in this area. For help, contact the Office of the People’s Counsel, your utility attorneys who protect the interests of the ratepayers in DC. 202/727-3071. Herb Jones is the Customer Services Mgr. They will investigate and assist w/getting Pepco to resolve the problem”

Have others been having power problems? Do you think it’s because everyone is putting their Air Conditioning on?

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  • I live a bit south of 15th and Upshur at 14th and Fairmont and at the beginning of April, the power went out twice in as many days, the first time at 8 pm and came back at around 2 am, the second sometime during the morning and didn’t come back on until 9 pm.
    During the second occurrence, Pepco crews were on the block and said that they had to “turn the power off to fix it”. Presumably fixing whatever happened during the first ocurrence. It seemed to only affect my single block. Hasn’t happened since then but if it does again, I’ll definitely contact the People’s Counsel as suggested.
    A tip for others: if this does happen you can call Pepco not only to report the outage (which you should do!!) but you can also request updates sent via phone call or, I believe, text message to your cell letting you know that the power is restored. This notification system actually worked really well when this happened to me.

  • I live at 14th and Fairmont and a similar outage happened on my block the second week of April. Same thing: went out one night around 8 and came back on around 2 am. Went out again the next morning and came back on that evening, after 9. I fled the scene and had drinks at The Heights (God bless them). If this ever happens, here’s my advice: call Pepco to report the outage and in the same call you can sign up for an alert to be sent to your cell via call or text, which will let you know that power has been restored. I was surprised that it actually worked … sad that it prevented me from having another Stoly Doly.

  • PEPCO workers knocked on my door this morning to say there were power problems in my area and that they needed to shut off my power for most of the day to do the necessary repairs. Any one else have this happen?

  • Email Jim Graham. We used to often have similar problems, we emailed them, he got Pepco involved, and within two weeks a faulty transformer had been replaced.

  • PEPCOs map says ZIP CODES: 20010, 20011, 20012, 20017, 20064 ere affected.

  • Speaking of Pepco, readers should know that Pepco raised its residential electricity rates yesterday, June 1. Pepco’s residential electricity prices are now 19% over market.

    Pepco customers can reduce their Pepco bills by lowering the price they pay for the electriciy they use. Here’s how you do it. It takes about four minutes.

    As of June 1, Pepco is charging its typical residential electricity customer (rate class “R”) 11.481 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for electricity supply.

    You can get your electricity supply for 9.6 cents per kWh from Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES), a major energy corporation that provides electricity to Pepco. WGES supplies electricity to 240,000 customers in DC and Maryland.

    To get WGES’ 9.6 cents price offer, which is 6% lower than their normal offer and 19% less than Pepco’s price, you need WGES’ discount code. Here it is.

    Go to . Where it asks “New to WGES? Enter your promo code here”, enter code EAHOME-EA1016 . This code will bring up WGES’ 9.6 cents discount price offers. You must enter the code; without it you will get higher offers.

    If Pepco customers choose (designate) WGES to be their Pepco electricity supplier, Pepco will continue to deliver their electricity as always but bill for it at 9.6 cents per kWh rather than Pepco’s 11.481 cents price. If they are on Pepco’s budget billing plan, Pepco customers can continue paying that way. If they move, they can terminate their WGES supply agreement without penalty.

    Pepco will continue to deliver their electricity, respond to emergencies, read the meter, and do the billing as always. None of that changes. There is no service interruption. Nothing is connected or disconnected.

    If you need additional information to make an informed decision, call 202 550-8357 anytime or send an email to [email protected].

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