Dear PoP – More Kittens to Adopt

“Dear PoP,

Ringo (front) and George (right behind him) are ten-week-old brothers. They were found in SE DC when they were four weeks old (their mom was nowhere to be found), and I’ve been fostering them in my home (in the Petworth/Brightwood area) ever since. Because they’ve been in my care since they were so tiny, they’ve become very “people-oriented” and love to be petted, held, and generally spoiled by human hands! They’re now at an age at which they’re ready to go to permanent homes (they’ve already had their vaccinations), so anyone reading who’s looking for kittens to adopt should feel free to contact me so they can arrange to come and meet these adorable guys. Thanks for reading; George and Ringo look forward to meeting you!”

If anyone is interested email me directly and I’ll put you in touch with the reader.

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  • Hi all,

    I also have a cat that I am looking to put up for adoption. My situation as it stands is that I love my cat to death, she is about two and a half years old and I have had her for two years. I recently moved into a carpeted place and the combination of her and the carpet have taken my boyfriend’s allergies by storm and he can’t come over ever and she also gives me mild allergies and occasional hives. In addition, she is a very needy and loving cat and she’s never been in a house alone. For one year she had 4 people, another cat and a dog, and most recently 5 people, 2 cats and a dog. Now that it’s just me and her, I think she is just alone too much for her own good. So in addition to my allergies, I just don’t think the environment makes her happy. It breaks my heart to have to do this, but I just don’t have a choice anymore.

    About Midori: she is a small orange tabby. At full size she is about 7-8 pounds. Very sweet demeanor, loves to cuddle on people’s laps and is very very playful. When she gets particularly hungry or needy though, she meows a bit and nibbles on toes. I’ve been trying to train her out of the latter but she doesn’t seem to get it. I stay armed with a bottle of water at all times in order to attempt it. She’s not bad about grooming. She is not declawed because I don’t really believe in it but if I clip her nails while she’s asleep she doesnt care. Also if you try to bathe her in a tub it is not fun, but I’ve recently realized she is quite amenable to baths in the sink. She is otherwise well trained and she never has a problem with location adjustment (in terms of using the litter box and so on.) There are two things you should also know about her health:

    1. She has something called stress induced herpes on her eye and the right of her nose. It is NOT a health risk to any people or other cats or any other animal and is not contagious and doesn’t even hurt her. it’s just something she got as a side affect of bad upper respiratory infection she caught while she was at the shelter I got her from. You don’t have to give her anything for it, I just wouldn’t want anyone to get really worried about it and feel the need to take her to the vet or anything.

    2. She has this weird tooth problem where she’s allergic to plaque build up on her teeth. This means its important that she eat dry food since it helps remove plaque and I have this thing I got from the vet (this blue gel) that I have to apply to her teeth once a week so that she doesn’t get kitty cavities. She’s really good about it and the stuff should last a looooong time (like well over a year). It just has to be kept in the fridge.

    I’d be happy to send you a picture of her if all this sounds okay to you and if you’re truly interested, maybe we could talk a little bit. I know the health things are sorta weird and outlandish but if you’re willing to be flexible with me, I’d even be willing to take her to her vet appt next year to make sure everything is progressing smoothly since last time we went to the vet was a bit of a disaster. She’s up to date on all of her shots. To be totally selfish, I’d love it if whoever takes her would let me come over at least once in the while to play with her because I know I’ll miss her, but that may be a lot to ask from a complete stranger.

    Sorry if I sound a bit like a crazy cat lady–but I do love my cat and just want her to be well taken care of. If you’re interested, please do email me at stephanie(dot)[email protected](dot)com

    • way to thread-jack.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        In fairness, I said she could post this under this thread.

      • Hey, it’s not like I’m offering up something better than adorable kittens with no health issues. If I were looking for a new cat, I’d take their offer over mine any day.

        And better to know what I’m offering up front than finding out after. This way no one’s time is being wasted.

        • You don’t sound like a crazy cat lady at all. You sound like a chic who will prioritize her boyfriend’s desires over a creature whose welfare you agreed to protect for the duration of its life.

          My guess is you won’t stop until Euthanasia.

          And he still won’t marry you. Who would?

          • @Matt

            Your comments are unproductive and make no sense whatsoever. Thank you for your kind words and your helpfulness. I’ll file this information away and use it in the future, I’m sure.

  • Srsly?!?

  • Emmaleigh504

    George is adorable! I wish I could take ’em both!

  • They are so cute. Can I just come and play with them?

  • ya’ll know about WARL, right? It’s an amazing organization and will totally help with these situations – it’s a no-kill shelter and they have a health center on-site. Please consider speaking with them, if you haven’t already.

    • WARL does not help with every situation. Usually WARL is full and doesn’t take in any strays. I understand people on PoP like WARL, but it is not the godly shelter you think it is. It is NOT open door, i.e. they are able to and do turn many animals away. You can’t even imagine how many inquiries WARL (or any local rescue group) gets on a weekly basis.

      The kittens are adorable! Thanks for taking them in, great job!!!

      • saf

        Indeed, I have never managed to get help from them, and they are usually pretty nasty to us. And really, I’m a nice person and the husband is a very nice person.

  • Stephanie, It is a little out of the way, but the Alexandria animal shelter is no-kill, takes great care of the animals, and has a good placement rate (particularly for reasonably human-friendly animals). I’d recommend at least going to check them out to see if it would be an acceptable option for you.

    And, I feel for you. It is a really hard decision you are making.

  • Oops, sorry. Forgot to include the website.

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