Dear PoP – Maggie Moo’s Closes in Adams Morgan!

“Dear PoP,

What happened to the Maggie Moo’s on 18th street in AdMo? Say it ain’t so! Is it going to be nothing but Fro Yo all summer?”

Yeah this was a big shock to me as it is such a large retail space. And don’t forget this closes the Soup Man as well…

Do you guys think that frozen yogurt has hastened the death of DC’s ice cream stores? Well, there’s still many gelato options

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  • Sadness; no more Cake Batter for me. How does an ice cream shop fail in June?

  • but i love maggie moo’s! froyo is good but sometimes you need other options too. baskin robbins doesn’t always cut it for me either.

  • I think terrible ice cream hastens the death of ice cream more than fro-yo. Maggie Moo’s and Carvel are about as bad as it gets in terms of ice cream chains … I think a Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry’s, or better yet a good local place like Larry’s or Gifford’s (OK, so long as Gifford’s isn’t violating the health code, but their peanut butter-oreo rocks hard), would do great in CH or A-M. But Maggie Moo’s tastes and looks awful in my opinion …

    • There used to be a Ben & Jerry’s in Adams Morgan. It closed years ago.

      Someone should come up with the worst ice cream recipe in history, serve it in giant buckets and open up a shop called Jumbo Scoop. It would get on the Food Network.

      • Thomas Sweet is all you need to know. Those guys stunt real hard when they make that coffee heath bar.

  • Wasn’t this place incredibly violent–robberies, etc? Not surprised it closed, and I’m sure it wasn’t due to this ridiculous Fro Yo fad.

  • not usually one for the ice-cream or the frozen yogurt or that wacky stuff with the italian name, but i do miss the adams morgan ben & jerry’s. .. i think once B&J did away with Rainforest Crunch, the seals of the apocalypse started poppin’ like auntie hilda’s undercarriage…

  • Did the DC council’s one cent per ounce ice cream tax kill it? 🙂 (just kidding, folks…)

    I’m a big ice cream fan, but I guess I’m also really cheap. I buy it in large quantities at the supermarket.

    Does anyone think it could be the economy, or is everyone in DC except me wealthy? On a related note, has anyone here started going out to eat less often?

    And for the record, I am not anti- froyo or gelato. I just saw a guy with a gelato cart on 14th street, and just barely resisted temptation.

    • We’re all wealthy, were given our jobs by our parents friends and when we call 3-11 someone comes out to do our dishes.

  • Was this the last Moo’s in DC? I’ve bought at least one birthday cake there. Sad.

    I haven’t personally been eating out less because of the economy, but I probably have been eating out less at nice restaurants. I also have replaced some of my ice cream outings with frozen yogurt outings, so am partially to blame.

  • Penance for not shoveling their sidewalks back in February

  • I think the closing of many Maggie Moos has possibly more to do with bad management in the parent company.

    • I agree. My wife used to work for a Maggie Moos while in college a few years ago at UGA. It closed down a little while ago as well all while other ice cream places are thriving. Not sure if it’s an upper management thing or more of the managers at the stores, but for what it’s worth the guy who ran this Maggie Moos I’m speaking of did a terrible job. It also doesn’t hurt that their ice cream is straight up nasty.

  • Prob b/c $8 ice cream doesn’t fly for most people.

  • A sad, sad day (for Dan’s cafe patrons who will now have to stumble even further to use an atm).

  • I adore ice cream, but was never a huge Maggie Moos fan. I found the service to be shaky at best and the ice cream only so-so.

  • Just go a couple of block down the street to the new coffee coffee shop next to the hardware store. They sell tasty and affordable Bryers cones….

  • I want once when they opened and paid over $6 for what was really just a cup of frozen flavored water. I can’t understand how it lasted so long.

  • My take is DC is really appreciative of quality and even more so if a local run business… Pitango is doing great, lines out the door. Wish there were more Giffords around our neighborhoods as well.

    Adams Morgan is a difficult locale these days, it used to be the place to go for restaurant dining and Ben & Jerrys was the perfect stroll down the street afterwards – Now the whole AM area feels more about the booze, so my quality theory doesn’t hold up here.

    • I was just thinking that it would be great to have a Gifford’s there. They’re ice cream is much tastier than Maggie Moo’s ever was. Unfortunately, they could probably never swing the rent at that location. It will end up being something completely boring, I’m sure.

  • Taking back my Gifford’s push.. and I really liked them

    Now I think I understand why happened to E Steet.
    chains- ugh………

    March 2, 2010

    “Gifford’s ice cream shops sold to Baltimore investor:
    …Lieberman said his background is in marketing and sales rather than retail, and the daily headaches of running the stores — false security alarms, +broken freezers+ and employee theft — distracted him from expanding the business”


  • I only got ice cream there once, and I was astounded by the price. A few other times, I thought about getting ice cream and actually went so far as to open the door and walk in but was greeted by a mildew/dirty sponge smell. It certainly killed my appetite!

    If you’re looking for something other than yogurt in Adams Morgan try Rita’s custard. It’s tucked away behind Mint gym on Florida Ave.

  • I have to say I will miss their aMOOretto icecream.

  • I’m not entirely sure it’s the price that leaves me unimpressed with them as much as it is the quality. I’ve gladly paid $5 for a small cup of froyo, but my first and only Maggie Moo’s encounter (a few days before it apparently closed) was less than stellar. Their cake batter doesn’t hold a candle to the $5/gallon BlueBell I can get at HT

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