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“Dear PoP,

I need to update the kitchen in my rental property. Since folks on PoP seem to know how much things cost from just looking at GDON photos, how much does an IKEA kitchen reno cost?

The kitchen is small, not galley-style, the cabinet space is limited and there’s a window over the sink. About the size of the one in the photograph except it ends at the stove, there’s a doorway where the fridge is and the fridge is across from the stove.”

I’m sure there will be ranges here but from folks who have had kitchens redone – do you have a ballpark figure for this type of reno?

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  • Ikea has a gadget for your computer that lets you design the kitchen and price it out. For that kitchen, I’d estimate less $3000 for the cabinets. If you are handy and have the right tools, you can build and install yourself.

    We priced out a kitchen for our row house a few years ago and Ikea was hands down cheaper than anything else out there. And, frankly, I think the Ikea design on a lot of stuff is nicer than you can find anywhere except the high-end custom/semi custom cabinets.

  • It kind of depends on what you want to do. Are you going to replace the flooring? Are you going to put in a new counter top? A new sink? Replace the appliances? The lighting? Are you doing the work yourself? Are you going to hire cabinet installers from Home Depot ($) or are you going to hire a General Contractor ($$$)?

    Cabinets are at least priced by the lineal foot. So you find out what line of cabinets you like and multiply by the length of the wall. I’d suggest going to Ikea with a layout drawing of your kitchen (wall to wall measurements) and let them design it for you.

  • Not sure. It would depend on the doors your picked. You can down load software from Ikea where you can design and cost our the whole thing.

    If you can measure, read level, use a drill, use a jig saw, you can install yourself.

    I did mine myself 5 years ago. Very happy with how most of it is holding up (weak spots are the undercabinet lighing systems which have been discontinuted to replacements are impossible and the faucet). Noproblem with the cabinetry.

  • We just got an estimate to redo our kitchen that I think is on the very high end, and we have a complicating factor with the floor, but the ballpark numbers are probably somewhere around these:

    $2-4k for Ikea cabinets. If you want someone else to put them together, probably add $50-100 per cabinet.

    $1-2k for installation of put-together cabinets.

    $3-4k for appliances. Less if you’re not doing stainless.

    $2-4k for countertops, less if you do laminate or something like Ikea butcher block.

    If you’re redoing the floor, another $1-2k. Plus the the cost of a sink, faucet, light fixtures, etc.

    And on that note, if anyone wants to recommend their contractor, we’d appreciate it.

    • Order all the materials yourself, and hire someone to install them. You will save 50-75% on the cost of materials.

      Assuming you can order everything you need correctly without missing anything.

  • I put Ikea cabinets in a rental and they have held up well for 4 years now. But also check Community Forklift and the Habitat for Humanity store in Manassas. Probably more effort to find everything that will fit together, but they often have high quality stuff – builder’s mistakes or leftovers.

    • But do NOT buy any Ikea faucets. Both kitchen and bathroom sink faucets started leaking at year 3 and there are no replacement parts. (Ikea’s “reason” for having no replacement parts is that they make quality products)

  • Go middle of the road for appliances (no stainless), solid range top for easy cleaning (no coils, etc). Ice/water in fridge door is a no-no, they will break. Think, what will survive covered for 3+years in grime during a tenant, yet be easy to clean/reset for the next person.

    Regarding cabinets, Ikea is good, however if the frames are in good shape, consider just getting new doors.

    • Agree–check the consumer reports best value. I did that and am very pleased with results. My little hotpoint stove was rated higher that the viking in CR…for what ever that’s work.

      • This is true. I recently did a major kitchen remodel ($50k) and did my CR homework on everything. The best bang for your buck appliances (for ss) is Kenmore brand (owned by sears). Believe it or not they are highly rated and very, very affordable. There’s a small showroom behind the WholeFoods on Wisconsin Ave near American University(maybe that’s tinley town?!?).
        Never ever ever ever pay sticker price for appliances, or anything for your kitchen remodel. Always ask for discount; if you don’t ask they won’t give it to you. I got unmarked discounts on lighting, countertops, appliances, and fixtures. If you’re buying a set (stove, fridge) get a discount or ask them to through in the matching microwave for free. Stores are always running free delivery specials or 15% off. Or visit a Bray and Scarf store for floor model appliances.

  • Try and make sure you have countertop surface on either side of the range.

  • On a related note, can anyone recommend a good kitchen designer? My kitchen has some unusual dimensions that would benefit some a creative eye.

    • I’d be happy to take a stab at it for free. I just finished designing and installing my own kitchen. I’m not a pro, but I love designing spaces and have worked with some pretty small kitchens in the past. If you’re interested, maybe PoP can hook us up.

  • i have the same question as mr p – need to find a designer who can get the best of out of a small space.

  • I recommend reading the garden web forum and asking questions there. The people on the site are very knowledgable and will give you design tips if you post dimensions, photos, etc. I wound up designing my kitchen myself, but couldn’t have done it without the site.

  • I did an IKEA kitchen at my old condo – it was a galley kitchen with an island. $1800 for cabinets. The whole kitchen that I got installed by a contractor IKEA recommended was $7,000 including the cost of the cabinets. I got white appliances from Home Depot, re-used my stove, and bought a pre-fab laminate counter from Home Depot for $200. It wasn’t fancy, but I loved it.

    We also compared IKEA with KraftMaid for our current house – cabinet cost was $2500 compared to $7800 for KraftMaid. We ended up going with KraftMaid for a mix of reasons – my husband wanted a more traditional look, plus we thought higher-end would be better for resale. But I still think IKEA is a great option.

  • I was a senior project manager with IKEA of College Park’s preferred contractor. Figure 100 per cabinet for installation if you’re not doing it yourself. Granite usually runs 60-80 bucks per foot.

    It’s on you as far as what you’d like to put into it as far as appliances, but from time-to-time they’ll do sales where they will practically give you an appliance, free delivery, etc.

  • Did my Ikea kitchen for about $5500 including cabinets, fridge, range, dishwasher and microwave. Wanted granite countertops, so I got those elsewhere for about $1200. I really like everything so far (just over a year).

  • Back in 2003 my kitchen redo cost $17000. That’s cabinets, a Corian countertop and sink(I break things easy on stone), leveling of my floor, tile flooring, heated flooring, lights, dishwasher and garbage disposal. I kept my fridge and stove becasuse they worked, why put a perfectly usable thing in the dump? My contractor was David Robertson of Something Different Contracting.

  • I just redid my kitchen in my condo (city vista), and total with floors, new cabinets, granite, tile backsplash…it cost about 10k. I went with 2 separate contractors…my kitchen contractor was amazing and so reasonable…United Stones Inc. in Sterling..I looked at IKEA, but they are not granite fabricators and I didnt like the idea of another compressed wood cabinet, as thats what I had and wanted to upgrade from. The cabinets I got were custom and solid wood…I’d recommend checking them out..they even designed a custom shelving unit for me because I had a strange kitchen layout..

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