Dear PoP – Does This Kitten Belong To Anyone?

“Dear PoP,

Last Thursday night at around midnight, I was sitting on my couch when my motion detector triggered and the front light went on. I wasn’t expecting anyone to come by at that late an hour, so I was surprised to see this little one (picture attached) hiding out on my front steps, all by himself. I don’t know much about kittens, but from his (very small) size, I am guessing he is about 5-6 weeks old and absolutely helpless. No collar, timid around people, and usually only makes himself visible at night. I would have brought him in to take care of him, but couldn’t get him to come close enough.”

Any suggestions for what this person should do if the kitten is seen again?

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  • Its a stray, springtime is kitten time in DC. Get used to them, call Humane Society if you like, I think they still do the spay/neuter and release.

    However, without cats all we get are rats. I prefer the cats myself.

  • offur outdoor kitteh som noms.

    (Sorry, had to write that.)

  • Perhaps one of the local cat rescue groups would come and set a trap. Alley Cat DC, I think, is one of the groups you can contact.

    It would be a year or more before that little fella could hope to take on a rat and survive, if he makes it that long.

  • Do you live on the 1400 block of Belmont Street? There are cats gallore on my block. Latest fun adventure was 2 cats baying/howling at 2 am – I guess they were in heat? Now I know to call the Humane Society to get them spayed – but no idea how they would know which cats to grab, there are so many…

  • I would suggest contacting Metro Ferals. Even if you don’t see it again, let them know so they can come out and take a look.

  • Put out a dish of cut up chicken or kitten food, you can buy a can for only cents. You might be surprised when you see how hunger the kitten is.

    As for the stray, spay/neuter and release remark … what? I hardly think the city would back that idea; releasing strays around the city to combat rats is just a stupid idea. I would hope the HS is not doing that!

    How about adopt him?

  • if it sees you putting food out for him he’ll probably warm up to you after a week or two.

  • If you feed him, he will be yours.

    And I’m sure that the significant alley cat population is responsible for our low rat count. Whether it’s policy or not.

    There really aren’t enough beds for strays in DC. It would be nice to get this cat fixed though.

  • As the owner of a rescued kitten who looks a lot like that one, please at least put out food and call a no-kill shelter or group to try to rescue it if you guys can’t look out for it. Maybe some water as well. It will definitely warm to you and I hope it can find a good home.

    It’s a tiny thing that will probably end up being killed by raccoons or worse if it can’t be rescued, so I hope it can!

  • The Humane Society does a trap-neuter release program: I have trapped two of the alley cats in my alley and gotten them spayed, and if you aren’t into the trapping thing, they do have volunteers that come around and trap and release the cats.

  • Kitty looks tasty. If Chinese astronauts can eat dog, kitty has to be good.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone (this is the finder of the kitten).

    My neighbors and I have been putting food out since the first day we saw him. He ate from my neighbors once or twice(maybe my cat food wasn’t good enough!), but unfortunately no one has seen him in the last 36 hours or so.

    Would love to have saved him myself, but as I mentioned, he was just too scared to let anyone get close. I’ll be contacting some of these adoption places tonight.

  • Feral kittens can be domesticated and become someone’s loving pet. Feral cats, for the most part, will always be wild animals that can’t live with people.

    Call Alley Cat Allies in Bethesda.

    The best thing you can do for this kitten is to set food and water out for him/her. After a while you will be trusted. Bring the kitten into your apartment, handle him/her according to the advice of Alley Cat Allies and find someone who wants to give it a him ( after it is spayed )

  • I agree with a lot of the other commenters; try to get in contact with a rescue group. Since the kitten is so young, it’s pretty likely that he’s still young and most likely not yet feral and still adoptable. Yes, shelters are pretty full, but kittens are in much higher demand than older cats, so a rescue might be able to find a good home for him.

  • I learned a lot about feral cats on that website. It gives me a new appreciation of them…

    According to the Metro Feral website there is a spray/neuter/release clinic in Petworth.

  • saf

    Metroferals helped us – we got the loan of a safe trap and information on clinics that will do shots and neutering fro free/cheap.

    We brought in a number of kittens, got them used to us, and found them homes. We had to trap, neuter, and release some of the older ones who were too feral to become house cats. We still feed them though, and they are much better off now. They’re not spewing kittens anymore either!

  • With a kitten you need to catch it as young as possible so you can try to tame him/her. By the time they are 10-12 weeks old it’s almost too late.

    Where do you live? Metro Ferals is an organization that might be able to help you trap a kitten – they almost certainly would try to help if you could foster (tame) the kitten Their number on their website is 202-249-9911. They can also help identify a clinic where you can get free spay/neuter for feral cats.

  • exact same story here 🙂

    We got two feral cats – already adult and too old to tame – to the clinic to be spayed/neutered and to get basic shots. It was free and now it’s 1 1/2 years later. They are doing really well.

    The best thing is not having sick kittens on our block all the time…I would want to help them but twice I have had feral kittens before we could adopt them. It was really heartbreaking.

  • I am one of the neighbors who has been feeding/trying to catch the little guy. The last time I saw him was around 5pm on Saturday night. I hope he’s okay and that someone managed to get him and give him a good home!

  • Also, the kitten has been seen on S St NW between New Hampshire and 18th.

  • My wife I and tried to catch him on Sunday night between 9 and 10 pm on Florida Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets. He ate the cat food we put out but would run under parked cars every time we tried to get near. Eventually he disappeared, ruining our night. I hope someone had better luck than us.

  • We got the kitten! He appeared again tonight and I put out some milk and he came up by the front of the building and myself and a neighbor managed to get him into our building, and into a pet carrier.

    I am going to take him to WARL in the morning because I can’t leave him home here with my dog when I’m gone.

    I’m emailing PoP, so any neighbors that are interested in him (or maybe interested in adopting him!) can get my contact information.

  • Find two more and you can become a cat juggler!

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