Dear PoP – A Good Mechanic?

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“Dear PoP,

Any chance we can get people to recommend their favorite mechanics as a FQOD?”

I’ve been meaning to put together a definitive list on this…

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  • At the risk of getting flamed, Pak’s BP Amoco at 6300 Georgia has always treated me right.

  • I like to go to the guys at Distad’s on the corner of Penn Ave any 6th St, SE (Eastern Market-ish). They always do a good job, and they have a parking lot (i.e., they won’t park your car on the street to amass tickets when they’re done fixing it).

  • I started going to Auto Tech. Service on Ontario near Kalorama after reading a few positive Yelp reviews, and they were right. ATS is great! Miguel won’t rip you off and will help you get the most out of what your car’s already working with before suggesting expensive repairs.

    • 2nd – did breaks for me same day and charged me a very fair price. Also quoted me a great price on a tune up ($250) that I need to take him up on.

    • At the risk of giving them too many fans that I can’t get my own car fixed anymore, I will say that Auto Tech is the best mechanic I’ve ever been to. Honest, fair, and as cheap as they can make it while still taking home a salary. They’re fantastic.

  • If you work somewhere in NOVA, Greg’s Automotive on Mt Vernon Ave in Alexandria, is a great spot. My wife and I saw that it had great reviews on the Car Talk website and have been using them for the past 3 years. Highly recommended.

  • AYP on 14th at R! They are awesome.

  • We LOVE Mohammed at New Concept Auto repair, Rhode Island Avenue and 5th NE. Not sure he’s your best bet for a newer car that you want to keep all factory-perfect, but if you have an older car that you want to keep running, and are ok with re-purposed parts and clever non-standard fixes, he’s excellent. Great prices, too.

  • Hannigans in silver spring. I have had such an amazing experience with them. They are always honest about things, and try to save you money. And one time I came ten minutes before closing and my car wasn’t ready, so they offered me a beer while I waited.

  • Takoma Old Town Auto Service Center 7060 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, MD is superb and I second the opinion of Pak’s BP Amoco on Georgia Ave. Yeah I know it’s BP but you get treated well there.

  • Juan Acosta in White Flint. It is a drive but completely worth it. He is the most honest and reliable mechanic I’ve ever worked with. I haven’t taken my car anywhere else in three years.

    • I love White Flint Auto repair. Love love love. It’s a haul to get up there but totally worth it.

  • i’ve always liked Capitol Hill Auto Service Center at 615 Independence Avenue SE. they’re fast, friendly, and honest. and very reasonable.

    • I’ve used him and been happy, too, but he doesn’t take appointments. If you’re not there before they open your car isn’t getting looked at.

  • I’ve had great service from Murray’s Auto Clinic in Silver Spring (on Philadelphia Ave.) Last time I was there they fixed my flat tire immediately and for free. Also, they have a shuttle if you need a ride to the metro or anywhere within a 5 mile radius. It’s also walking distance to the silver spring metro.

  • I’ve had good luck with Pedro at American Foreign Car at 9th and V NW. He replaced my radiator for a good price. He’s very close to U st metro for a quick ride home after you drop off your car.

  • Tony Lee next to Dance Place on 8th Street NE is pretty awesome. Can’t recommend him enough. Fair and totally reasonable.

  • I second the recommendation for AYP on 14th St~

  • Gotta go with 10th St Auto Repair ( on the north end of cap hill (500 block of 10th st ne). They do great work, fair prices, call to check in before doing any work after diagnosing whatever the problem is, and are super super nice. Easy access via the 90 bus and/or union station.

  • Another vote for Distad’s, which is at 9th and Penn SE, I believe. It’s a bit of a hike for me to get there, but it’s convenient that the shop is right next to the Eastern Market Metro. They always do a good job and are very honest.

  • kind of amazing that there are so many highly recommended mechanics in DC when that is really not the situation with other skilled trades.

  • saf

    GTS – they used to be the mechanics at Petrovich on 14th St. When the building was sold, they moved to NE:
    2310 18th Place Northeast, Washington, DC 20018-3611(202) 462-0486‎

    I love them.

    I also know several people who use, and really like, Mt Pleasant Auto Repair:
    3054 Mount Pleasant Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20009-4217(202) 234-2578‎

  • If you have a VW there is no better place than the Wheaton Service Center!

  • I have a VW, and I’ve been exceptionally happy with George’s Amoco on Route 1 in College Park, across from the UMD campus. Peter is always excellent about explaining anything and everything about what needs fixing, and I trust him to not overcharge me and to not recommend pricey repairs that are unnecessary. I’ve recommended several friends with other types of cars and they’ve all been very happy with him as well.

  • For Saab owners (I know, not many of you) I cannot recommend Viking Automotive. Its way out in Gaithersburg, but its worth it. These guys know Saabs backwards, forwards, up, down, and all around. If they fix it, its fixed.

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