DC-Inspired Recipes: Local Produce from CSAs

DC-Inspired Recipes are written by Laura of Lauralicious in DC.

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) have been discussed a few times before on PoP. With the beginning of the fresh produce season upon us, it’s a great time to make recipes with delicious local vegetables.

I joined a CSA for the first time this year, Norman’s Farm Market, which had its first week last Sunday. I brought home a half-share of delicious vegetables and fruit. (I picked Norman’s partly because they offered 8-week memberships instead of 20-24 week ones, which meant that I wasn’t out a lot of money if I didn’t like the weekly selection.)  One of the greens in my box was a lovely bunch of red-stemmed swiss chard, along with potatoes, strawberries, beets, squash, zucchini, peas, and tomatoes.

Check out this recipe for sauteed swiss chard with lemon.

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A couple of other items I made from my week’s share were Pork and Vegetable Curry (using sugar snap peas) and Black Bean Salad (using tomatoes). I still have lots of vegetables left for the rest of the week, too.

Care to share any of your experiences this year with CSAs in the area? Have any good recipes that you’ve made with local produce?

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  • anyone else disappointed with the bull run csa last week? the two person share got an extra 3 garlic scapes and that’s it, and in general seemed like a pretty poor showing compared to this one and others i’ve read about.

    • Wow, you typed exactly what I was thinking when I read the original post. I’m a first time share owner with Bull Run and while I really, really love the idea of it and hope, hope that things will get better as the season goes on Tuesday’s pick-up took the wind outta my sails. Man, I was sad when I got home with my tiny bag of lettuce and rotten cucumber (granted, I could have chosen more wisely). The lettuce was really bitter, too. 🙁 When I read what PoP got, I was super jealous!!!

  • I was considering getting a CSA with Norman’s, but I live really close to one of their roadside stands which opens on June 18th, so, rather then get a CSA delivered to a roadside stand that’s there every day, I’m just going to shop at the stand this year…

  • Our CSA from Licking Creek Bend had a bunch of greens that were good, but honestly, I wasn’t “wowed”. They were supposed to have strawberries, but apparently the fruit is coming later in the season. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

    It DID have garlic scapes, and I adored them! I never had them before. I made garlic scape white bean dip and roasted garlic scapes. YUM!

    Here’s some pictures of what you get with licking creek bend, for comparison:


  • Yeah, two handfuls (wasn’t sure how much we were supposed to take) of what looked like baby romaine and the pac choi also. Though very holy (not in religious way), the pac choi is actually very tasty. I found a recipe on epicurious for salmon with hoison and pac choi. layer pac choi leaves on some oiled foil, put salmon filet on top, glaze with hoison, ginger, soy sauce, whatever other asian flavors you’ve got. Close foil tight so it’ll steam and throw it in the oven till the salmon is done. The pac choi will cook under the salmon and soak up all the good juices and flavors.

    Both holy and tasty!

  • I’ve been a member with Star Hollow Farm for 1.5 years (yes, it goes through the winter) and I love it. You can order ONLINE what you want from their selection every Wednesday (or choose the already set box) and then you pick it up on Saturday Morning. If you’re not there one weekend, or don’t need anything, you don’t have to do it that week. Pretty perfect, actually.

    ps – regarding Strawberries? We’ve had them for weeks, now. :o)

    pps – starhollowfarm.com

  • Good Fortune Farm is also a LOT better than Bull Run. We’ve been super happy, and always receive “supermarket” portions of each item, meaning you don’t get one beet and two carrots like you do in some CSAs. Produce is equal to or better in quality that you get at farmers markets, and he delivers.

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