Coming to 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights – A Dentist!

I’m seriously not being sarcastic about this post. I’m really psyched that some retail is finally coming to the empty storefronts near Dunkin Donuts at 2750 14th St, NW. Perfect placement?

We spoke about good dentists here.

And the Columbia Uptown across the street is looking good. I hope their retail gets snapped up as well.

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  • This is good. I hope more and more businesses with daytime traffic / workers continue to come into the area; that is the only way the commercial corridor will become more dynamic during the daytime. Plus, more area services can only be a good thing!

    Agreed the Uptown looks MUCH better. Other than some new signage and painting, I can’t tell what they did, but just shows that little steps can make a big difference.

  • That building has really been pulling teeth in trying to get new retail.

  • I think it’s hilarious and brilliant that a dentist will be near a Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s kind of like putting a gun shop next to Peaceaholics.

  • Yes, perfect placement!

    I’m so glad to see an actual useful community service move in. I know retail is a good thing, but you need some real services and daytime traffic (as mentioned) to spur continued growth.

    What happened to the dry cleaner across the street? Looks like the whole ground floor is vacant.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The dry cleaners is still there (it’s just not in photo). And, sadly, they’ve removed their neon tuxedo sign. But they’re still there!

  • Are you sure it’s not dental office themed bar?

  • I live on Fairmont and I am psyched to get a dentist office. Just hope they take my insurance. I think its something we probably need in the area and to be able to walk to it is really cool. As for the Uptown (formerly the Amsterdam) I am pretty impressed with the investments they have made so far. They painted, re-landscaped the front and interior courtyard, new signs. Retail in this location is tough without the foot traffic of metro. Maybe if we could get the circulator to make one stop between U Street and Columbia Road that would help…

  • I live at Columbia Uptown and I’m not happy about it. My rent is about to skyrocket and most likely I’m gonna have to find a new place to live. The building is not under rent control anymore. I was perfectly happy with the way the building looked before. It was in pretty good condition too. Some of the renovations are so unnecessary (like a fountain in the the lobby) and it sucks because I love this location and I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it anymore. Not to mention dealing with all the renovation has been fairly annoying. Which I guess would be ok if I wasn’t going to get priced out of an apartment.

    • Can they legally take it off rent-control like that? Have you talked to a housing attorney? A housing clinic if you can’t afford an attorney? Because that just sucks and shouldn’t be able to happen.

      I used to live on Girard and walk to the Amsterdam to buy beer there was a great convenience store in that building with really nice employees.

      • From my understanding, they can legally do that. I’m not sure how though. Although, I could be wrong. When they started all the renovations flyers were passed out to the tenants explaining some of it but I’m not sure where that flyer is at anymore. I may have thrown it out so I couldn’t tell you what was on it other than that it said the building was no longer under rent control and and legally there was nothing residents could do to not have their rent raised.

  • Good dentists in the neighborhood on Irving and Georgia.

  • If the tenant association in your building signed a voluntary agreement then they could have made a deal with the landlords to exchange rent increases for capital improvements in the building.

    A rent controlled building in DC doesn’t just become “non rent controlled” but there are vehicles which allow the building owners to legally raise rents above the normal increases.

    • Does this apply even if the building was bought and now owned by a different management company? I’m just curious because I know next to nothing about this stuff and I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before.

  • a rent-controlled building doesn’t become non-rent-controlled just because it changes owners, unless the new owner has an interest in four or fewer units in the District AND files a small landlord exemption with the Department of Housing and Community Development AND gives you the proper notice (in English and Spanish, I believe).

    However, there are several ways for even someone who’s not a small landlord to get a unit exempt from rent control. A voluntary agreement is one of them. Others include hardship (did you know landlords in DC are allowed to raise rent as much as they need to guarantee a 12% return on investment each year?) and substantial renovations.

    Info here:,a,3,q,573345,otaNav,|33325|,.asp,a,3,q,573352,otaNav,|33325|,.asp,a,3,q,573366,otaNav,|33325|,.asp

  • You know when people speculate about what new retail they want in empty new storefronts, you never hear dentist, but it is a good point. There are lots of areas around town that really need a dentists office including downtown, where I have been hard pressed to find a dentist, or doctor for that matter, maybe the new building on Connecticut will get one? Also I hope the street level retail doesn’t end up just being another CVS or chain restaurant.

    • This is a good thing. I’ve been advocating for non-bar/eatery businesses in the neighborhood for a long time. Dentists, doctors, non food/drink related retail, retail that meets the community’s needs as a whole. Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come.

  • I hope they put the examination chair in the front window.

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