Coming and Going to Union Station

I think the Bojangles was mentioned in a Random Reader Rant and/or Revel comment last week but when I did a quick tour I also noticed that a Chipotle was coming to the first floor (not the food court like Bojangles).

In ‘Going’ news I have a question – did Vacaro’s leave or move? When I went to their spot (got to take advantage of canolis when I have the chance) it was closed. Anyone know if that is temporary or have they left Union Station?

And finally do you think anything will ever go into the old movie theater space?

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  • I have nothing substantive to add. I just hope the Chipotle opens soon! It’s been “coming soon” for a while now. (Yes, I know the one in Chinatown is not that far away, but I live in the area and I’d love to have a Chipotle I can walk to!)

  • Vaccaro’s also recently vacated their location at 2000 Penn in Foggy Bottom. Their website no longer lists these DC locations so maybe they’ve abandoned the city.

  • Vaccaro’s closed? NOOOOooo! Well, I guess they still have a stand at the I St. mall in Foggy Bottom. Their cannolis and chewy amaretto cookies derailed my Atkins diet.

  • Oops. So they left 2000 Penn. too? WTF now I have to bake my own cannoli?

  • perhaps a dave and busters or Jillians could make use of the old movie theater place. not sure what else would work.

  • Dave and Buster’s (I’m not familiar with Jillians, but I’m guessing it’s the same concept) would work well and would appeal to the sizeable tourist crowds that tend to invade Union Station.

  • Dave and Buster’s? At Union Station? Might as well have an ambulance and a stack of police reports ready and waiting.

  • I really just want the movie theater to come back.

  • BOJANGLES! Thank you, Lord.

    If you had ever gone to that theatre, you aren’t missing it. I’ve been to some pretty wretched places, but that one took the cake. Of course, the last time that I went there the whole Union Station area was quite different. But still, you can’t miss that place.

  • I remember reading that the new landlord planned to turn the movie theater space into sit down restaurants.

  • When Union Station reopened (1988, I think) they actually had a Skyline Chili in the food court. Four way with onions. Mmmmm. Oniony.

  • Oh yum on both fronts. I have actually written Chipotle a letter asking why they weren’t in the Union Stn area, would love to be able to take a little credit. Now if we could just get a decent happy hour spot…

  • There is also going to be a Crumbs bakery in Union Station (they have a sign hanging up on the side of Au Bon Pain. New landlord is bringing in lots of business. They recently put in a subway and taco bell too… changes afoot there for sure…

  • Bojangle’s…manna from heaven

  • You know, trashy, ill-behaved kids need places to hang out, too.

  • They need to turn the food court into a Turkish bath, as it was originally intended to be.

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