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It’s been a while since we checked in on Cleveland Park developments. Since the Cereal Bowl opened in the old Starbucks spot there has been a lot of change. The new Ripple restaurant has opened up in the old Aroma space, similar layout but looks good:

Walgreen’s has opened:

New tanning spot in old consignment store space and new manicure spot in old SuperCuts space:

Alas no movement on the Diner that the was slated to come to the old McDonald’s space:

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  • Man… tanning salon, SuperCuts, vacant storefronts. H St is starting to look more vibrant than Cleveland Park.

  • Lauren you were reading my mind.

  • Shame about the Mcdonalds space. It’s been vacant forever and a day and the diner concept is one that would do great in CP. Ripple sure did a quick turnaround from aroma. Never even knew it was coming. I can’t find a website for it.

  • Cleveland park has always been a cyclical shopping plaza. With as much retail that’s open in Dupont, I’m not sure I’d bother opening a place in CP.

    Apparently most of the good restaurants and shops that used to be there have made the same observation. Only the old line shops have stuck it out.

    • Curious what good restaurants closed shop in CP? Mcdonalds? Kenny Rogers Roasters? YenChing? Starbucks? I can’t think of anything decent that closed. Other than aroma which didnt serve food I don’ think. For the most part the turnover has been for the better with the exception of a couple tanning places. Who the hell Tans anymore?

      • It’s a has-been shopping plaza. There’s nothing there that would make someone choose to go to CP except for maybe nostalgia for the 4P’s.

        Vace notwithstanding.

        The chains might not be great, but it’s a strong indicator of a failing shopping plaza when they leave and aren’t replaced by better options.

        • Didn’t actually back up your claim there. More just restated it. No need for me to rebuttal.

  • I’d much rather have more tanning, nails, and consignment stores than more restaurants.


  • I’m glad tanning is passe since I am too big to fit in any of the beds. But I do enjoy a good spray around this time of the year . . . .

  • I love the name “Ripple”; I think it used to be the name of a fortified wine.

  • The Sanford and Son reference to Ripple is the *only* one I’ve ever known….. Glad that CP has a new place but hate the kookie cutsie tagline “eat drink gather”

  • Isn’t there another tanning place in the strip mall, too? Does Cleeps really need 2 of those? The McDonalds space will be vacant 6 years as of later this summer.

  • CP does NOT need two tanning salons and there are also now too many nail salons. There is a California Tortilla in that strip mall which is popular as well as a thai restaurant, but the big problem with having new vibrant restaurants and bars come in is the restriction on liquor licenses.

    Also, the Uptown could totally use new management.

  • I hate to say it, but the first thing I thought of when I saw a business called ‘Ripple’ was that it was going to be a strip club for fatties, but then again that’s also what I thought the first time I saw a ‘Curves’.

  • It’s an unfortunate name for sure, but if it’s being run by the same people who ran Aroma, it should be pretty nice. Too bad about Aroma, though. That place was great.

  • Coppi’s used to be there years ago, that was good. Not restaurants, obviously, but there was also Uptown Scoop ice cream, Kohr’s Frozen Custard (chain, but a tasty one), Uptown Bakers, and Potomac Video, all had merit. (I think McDonald’s used to be a Crown Boooks years ago, is that right?) It’s sad to see what’s come of a prime location on the Red Line.

  • Some news about the empty McDonald’s space – I am highly skeptical at this point since nothing has happened for so many years:

    SOMETHING FISHY: Cleveland Park is catching the city’s next Tackle Box.

    That’s the word from Jonathan Umbel, founder of the Pure Hospitality Restaurant Group, which owns the fish-friendly Hook restaurant in Georgetown and its casual spinoff and neighbor, the original Tackle Box.

    Just like the first, the second Tackle Box will be dressed down with picnic tables, weathered buoys and lobster traps and will require customers to place their orders at a counter. The popular menu of lobster rolls, fried clams and wood-grilled trout also will make the move. But the next location, which replaces a long-vacant McDonald’s at 3407 Connecticut Ave. NW, is a whale by comparison: 4,000 square feet vs. 1,350 in Georgetown.

    That leaves plenty of room for Umbel’s fresh ideas, including a raw bar stocked with shellfish and a separate bar for liquid pleasures. (He has also hired a consulting chef, one of Washington’s best-known names, to oversee all of his kitchens. But the busy chef doesn’t want that news announced just now, and Dish is honoring that request.)

    Umbel says he was attracted to the neighborhood by both its demographics and its Metro station. Plus, “seafood on the avenue is under-represented.” At the earliest, his Cleveland Park eatery will open at the end of the year. And it’s expected to be followed by more Tackle Boxes, he says, probably in Chinatown and Bethesda.

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