ChiDogO’s Set to Open on 14th and U this Summer – Also Movement at Polly’s

In the begining of May we learned that the old Seafood & Crab space located at 1936 14th Street, NW (just south of U St.) was becoming a Chidogo’s and many folks were psyched. So I thought I’d quickly update that a coming soon sign has gone up announcing an opening this summer.

In other U Street news, I noticed that the recently closed Polly’s, 1342 U Street, NW, looks like it has had some movement with a bit of painting. More details on this space as they become available.

Here’s what the fence used to look like:

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  • I miss Seafood & Crab so much. This photo makes me nostalgic, and a little weepy.

    But seriously, I’m all-for a real hot dog place, but you’ve got to figure it’s going to take away some of the Ben’s business, no? Is there really an untapped market for more hot dogs? Perhaps as more people from Ballston decide to go out to U Street on Saturday nights, there will be more drunken hot dog eaters. Dunno.

    • People don’t go to Ben’s for hot dogs – they go there because they are told to (or they’ve liked the place for awhile). And I don’t think anyone will be taking their business away for quite some time.

      • Whatever, dood. If nobody liked the hot dogs at Ben’s, they would’ve closed up a long time ago. They’re not bad.

        • I agree. I’m not a Ben’s hater – I love the half-smokes. Just saying that their popularity transcends being just a hot dog shop – which is what Chidogo’s will be (in response to the notion that the two will be in competition).

  • I hope the movement at Polly’s is to move that stupid sidewalk-blocking outdoor “artwork” to the town dump, where it belongs.

  • All the times I walked by Polly’s and I never noticed it was a tribute to the Na’vi.

  • Seeing as nobody in DC makes a decent Chicago dog, let alone an Italian beef sandwich, I don’t see how this will give Ben’s any competition at all. FYI, the closest Chicago dogs are in freaking Ashburn and Leesburg, so it’s not like they’re getting any competition either.

    And the only thing I miss about Seafood & Crab is the Grand Opening sign and the violent, explosive diarrhea.

  • The Hot Dog place in Adams Morgan made it all of 3-4 months, so let’s see if this one lasts much longer (I seriously doubt it).

    The Polly’s artwork does block street traffic, but I always liked it (plus, that’s where outside seating is, so it’s only blocking traffice when tables/people wouldn’t have otherwise been out there). Now that it’s not so colorful, though, I don’t like it so much. Hopefully they paint it back to something more eye-catching. For a long time that was one of the most visual symbols of revitalized U Street.

  • I frikken LOVE hot dogs!!!!!!! I can’t wait to try this place!!!!!!

  • OK I don’t get it. What is easier and cheaper to cook at home than a hot dog?

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