Chain Link Fence Comes Down at new Building on Corner of 11th and T Sts, NW

I’ve been watching the progress of the new building at 11th and T Streets, NW for many months now. I was psyched to see the big chain link fence had come down. It’s looking a mere weeks away from completion. I’ll be sure to post when units go for sale, hopefully there will be a good virtual tour. But now that the fence is down and we can get a better look at the building – would you say thumbs up or down?

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  • I give it an “eeehhh”. Its a great location and it doesn’t look bad. Kind of boring though. The interiors will determine my final verdict.

  • That’s a brand new building? From that picture it looks like something that might have been built a long time ago. I love it.

  • Just fine – a solid B for the exterior. I too have been watching this building go up. I understand the ownership changed hands at least once and there were financing issues along the way.

    Unlike the area north of U St., this area is bound by historic building regulations. That’s why the buildings north of here are all wacky and stuff. So this (these) builder(s) had a lot more restictions but got the job done anyway. Rah-rah in-fill.

  • I pass by there a lot and I think that is a good-looking building. The fence is a bit institutional, but not ugly.

  • i like it a lot.

  • Looks like a good roof for a deck or some solar.

  • Looks good, but it could use some greenery.

  • jburka

    Actually, PoP’s picture is a few days old! They started landscaping on Wednesday (I noticed it yesterday morning while out with the dog). Several trees and shrubs have been installed, including along the side of the “garage.” I imagine the next step will be seeding or sodding the lawn.

  • I’m glad you showed this one. I noticed it the other day, and I think it looks lovely- quality materials and workmanship on the exterior – built to last. And the design looks slightly contemporary, but fits in very well with it’s surrounding rowhouses. Kudos to the architect/contractor/developer for this building! I really haven’t the same quality in most of the other new buildings.

  • I pass by the building regularly and have been quite favorably impressed with it since the facade was first erected. My spouse and I agree that the hatches over the basement windows look a bit odd, however. Curious how many units are in the building.

  • I think it will look pretty neat once they plant some trees in the yeard.

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