Cardozo High School to get Renovated

From CM Jim Graham:

“Good news, the design RFP for the reconstruction of Cardozo High School has been issued. A prebidders conference will be held this week. This is the key first step in the restoration and rehabilitation of this great high school building , located at 13th and Clifton since 1915. The athletic field has already been restored.”

Mr. T in DC showed us a postcard of what the school then Central High School, today Cardozo, looked like back in 1926.

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  • do schools really need views? this building should have been residence so that the people who live there could enjoy the city views 24/7

  • I don’t think schools need views, but no one lives in an apartment 24/7, really! The only reason the views exist is because of the school field, a block west has the same potential view but buildings where its view would be… 30 seconds of analysis pokes holes in this statement

    • Well, if not the school building itself, the building that would be build on the field would have views, just like the big building to the left of 13 street… 30 more seconds of analysis pokes holes in your statement

      • um, no, you clearly don’t know the area, there are buildings below where you state. Why raze the school building when you could raze the existing apartment buildings? What makes the school building bad but existing slummy apartments good?

        • I am well aware of the area since I often go to a house on Belmont Street west of the school. I never said to raze the school building. I was just commenting on your statement: “The only reason the views exist is because of the school field…” My point is even if someone builds a building on the field, the people on the new building would have a nice view (2nd floor and up) since the residents there can see over the roofs of the row homes on Florida and below. The view includs the Capital and the Washington Monument.

  • Great news! This is a spectacular building in disrepair, renovation is badly, badly needed and should dramatically enhance the overall quality of education in Columbia Heights when completed.

    • I’m not sure renovating the school dramatically enhances the quality of education, but it’s still a good idea.

      • Obviously it won’t be a sinecure. But it is a necessary precondition, along with various other needed reforms. As others have said, it’s hard to expect kids to take pride in their educations or themselves when they are forced to go to school in the dilapidated, antiquated building — the message is, you are an afterthought, and we don’t care about you. Bell Multicultural is a gorgeous facility (granted, it is a heck of a lot MORE than that as well) and was recently named one of the two schools in the country. Plus, hopefully they will put in state of the art science and computer labs to, in an era of increasingly school choice, have something unique / compelling to offer students who might otherwise pick charter schools.

        And having a pool open to the community in the summers would be awesome. Perhaps they could even charge a nominal fee for summer useage to raise money for extracurricular programs or something.

  • This is great news. Cardozo High is a beautiful property that deserves a nice touch up to go along with their spectacular athletic field.

    Side question (for PoP or anyone) – does anyone know why it’s CardozO high school and Metro station, but CardozA playground is also nearby? Is that a typo? I feel like I have seen some things branded with an “O” and others with an “A” at the end. What’s the deal with that?

    (Apologies in advance if this is territory you all have been over dozens of times…)

  • As part of the rehab, the school definitely needs a new team name. I don’t think being a “Clerk” inspires children to greatness.

  • The school is not named after Justice Cardozo (though I also thought the same thing, esp. given the name), but after some other guy named Cardozo who started a secretarial/clerical etc school for African American youth.

    • I didn’t know the history. Well I tell ya his work must have been in vain. It is HARD to find a competent black admin asst without. DCPS is just not producing graduates that are capable to enter the workforce. Renovating a building won’t solve that problem.

  • For all the money that DCPS spends, and for all its spectacular failures on things instructional, at a minimum, it should be able to get its facilities right. There’s no excuse for not having state-of-the-art school buildings, or at least ones that aren’t falling apart at the seams, as Cardozo currently is. And who knows? Maybe a few kids will see the investment in bricks-and-mortar improvements and think that people actually do care about whether they are educated or not. I’m very glad to know that this is being made a priority. Seems like it has one of the higher potential returns on investment of other potential budget priorities.

  • Well, I teach there and have saved documents going back 8-10 years ago promising renovation but hey, as a teacher you are always optimistic. And yes, renovation will not boost test scores but as someone mentioned, it will send a message that education is valued and the students are valued. Nothing says no one cares like broken lockers, windows, no AC, and on and on…
    Hopefully it will be renovated to become more of a community center also (perhaps the pool, inoperable for at least 15 years, will attract people) so our schools are not so separate from the whole community.

    And don’t dig up our Peace Garden in the process!


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