Bad News for North Country – Main Streets $ Lost?

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WBJ’s Michael Neibauer reports:

“Gateway Georgia Avenue Main Street has quietly and quite suddenly disappeared, abandoning $150,000 in taxpayer funds and setting back the effort to revitalize the upper Northwest D.C. corridor.

The Main Street program, an arm of the Gateway-Georgia Avenue Revitalization Corp., assisted businesses and recruited companies along a corridor roughly from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to the District-Maryland border. It was expected to play a role in the redevelopment of the medical center campus, scheduled to be closed next year.”

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  • Its of course a loss, but I am not sure that organization did anything but hang a banner and join the usual Fenty-Bowser propaganda of “Things are Great and Getting Better!” Our losses up there have been continual for years, no promised development has occurred at all in that area and we’re generally still ruled by various violent street crews or drunks. I find it hugely ironic that Fenty’s campaign HQ is in a building that he and Bowser failed to redevelop despite extensive promises.

    • I enjoy that irony too. Yes, we aren’t sexy enough for any mayor attention (unless he’s out glad-handing for votes). No real development and zero efforts to make development happen… just blighted buildings and gas stations on Georgia.

  • Rumor up here in North Country is that Kelly Shuy of Ledo Pizza is organizing business and trying to take up where Gateway left off.

  • It was a challenge to lure businesses to Upper Georgia even when the economy was strong. Condo developments have been abandoned, and even the most desirable storefronts nearest to Silver Spring went to nail salons and cellphone store, and all of this just four or five blocks north of the Walter Reed site. I’m just fearful that this once-in-a-decade opportunity for the city to develop a substantial acreage (around 20, I think) of excessed Federal property on a major corridor will be squandered by politicians looking to get something–anything–on the site.

    • Yeah, have you seen the list of letters of intent for the WRMC site? Its a lot of public housing and shelters, which scares me. I’d rather Howard take over the whole thing.

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