At Some Point it has to get Towed, Right?

Thanks to Tier1dc for sending this sad sight from the corner of 16th and Church, NW:

“This is some amazing ticket total. $3295 dollars in fines that will be almost $6000 in 2 weeks.
One $50 ticket is written every M-F and it won’t stop until this sh*t box gets towed.”

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  • You would think at some point, the police ticketing this vehicle would look to see if the car is stolen, or the owner is dead or missing.

  • OMG, you found Chandra Levy’s car!!

  • How can I get that ticket writer in Ward 4. We have a couple of cars that don’t get tickets.

  • Someone needs to call the police to alert them to this, it’s likely dumped by guys who stole it elsewhere to come into town to party, and left it in DC for the final auction yard in SE, where it will be bought by friends of friends of the perps for a song. yah right. Perhaps it was left for a russian spy?

  • Reminds me of my friend ^%&. He thought his car was stolen, even told his grandma. A month later he gets a letter from DMV with a notice of overdue fine, thereby alerting him to where he left the car. He just plain forgot where he parked it!

    Looks like Jim Graham’s car.

    • I had a friend who parked on the wrong street during rush hour and her car was towed. Problem was, the police had the wrong information about what street it had been towed to, and no one could find her car for about a week.

    • your “friend” sounds like s/he is super smart!

  • Wait, it seems like his RPP is correct and not expired, what’s his problem?

    • About 20 of the tickets are for failure to report for inspection. Looks like they’ve actually driven the car recently since there are some tickets as recent as a week ago for different locations – they’re probably just leaving all the tickets there hoping parking enforcement takes pity on them. At this point they would be better off donating the car since the fines will soon be greater than the value of it. Been there…done that. Still had to pay the tickets, but did manage to haggle my way down a bit pulling the whole ‘mercy of the court’ thing.

  • If someone’s already called the police about the car, which I’m sure they have, they’d already know whether or not it was stolen. If it’s there, it’s not stolen.

    • you are so naive.

      I had a stolen car on my block for 6 months. 6 MONTHS. Right in front of my house.

      I finally called New Jersey state police to report it and they said it was stolen.

      I’d called MPD about that car for a solid 3 months. The tags had expired, the car was stolen, but they never bothered to check.

      Do you actually know the people in MPD who check up on these car things? They are not smart people.

      “If It’s there, it’s not stolen.” Welcome to DC! Someone needs to show you around.

      • Have to agree.

        Could it be someone who doesn’t have to pay tickets? We have a LOT of those people in DC. Anyone with any level of national political influence, but probably not a politician themselves (because the news story would be uncomfortable).

        Any guesses?

      • why are you such an ass?
        when i see your name i usually ignore it, but that one snuck up on me.

        • not sure what he said there that would make him an “ass”, but you must not be keeping up with local news; a lot of that has been going on.

      • “Do you actually know the people in MPD who check up on these car things? They are not smart people.”

        Ummmm……I do. If I get a call to investigate a vehicle, I run it by tag and VIN. It takes 2 minutes on my vehicle computer or a few more by running it over the radio. I don’t know about other officers, but if they don’t even bother then they’re lazy shits.

  • Homer: Here are your messages:
    “You have 30 minutes to move your car”,
    “You have 10 minutes”,
    “Your car has been impounded”,
    “Your car has been crushed into a cube”,
    “You have 30 minutes to move your cube”.
    [phone ringing]
    Homer: [answers] Yello, Mr. Burns’ office.
    Burns: Is it about my cube?

  • If your car is ever stolen – your best bet at getting it back is to check online for parking tickets. I’ve known 3 cars located this way. What a great idea for ticket writers to notify MPD by the 3rd. or 4th ticket – but dream on.

    • ah

      Can you check online just by plate number? Don’t you need the ticket number?

      • No, just plate number. I think it’s a good idea to check every now and then, regardless. Sometimes they stick tickets where you don’t notice them and they blow off, or a kid pulls the ticket off just for the hell of it, or a ticket was mistakenly attributed to your vehicle, or a ticket you paid or got dismissed was never removed from the system… so it’s always a smart idea to keep tabs on things.


        You put in plate number and registration state. Done and done. I agree with other posters re: checking this regularly. I had several sneak up on me around registration time last year. Why didn’t I pay them? Because I NEVER GOT THE TICKET ON MY CAR. They’ve started using cameras and mailing a picture of the violation which is actually a lot better in terms of notice.

        Sidenote: I hate street cleaning. I’ve never even seen a street cleaner on my block but if I don’t move my car, boom, $35 ticket.

  • I thought if you had three overdue tickets you got booted. When I was young and foolish I got booted a lot. It was like clock work. DC ticket folks are getting soft.

    • Two, and they don’t need to be overdue. I know a poor girl who just got booted because she has two tickets (received on the same day a couple weeks ago) that she’s in process of contesting.

  • This is SO easy to take care of. Log into this DC Government web site: (It’s easy to register if you haven’t already). Go to report an abandoned vehicle on “public” property, i.e. a DC street. Fill in the rest of the form. We were able to get a car towed in just 1 week a few days ago by doing that! Of course, the first DC “Abandoned Vehicle Department” inspector swore that the vehicle wasn’t abandoned even though it had multiple tickets, a broken window and it was parked in a no-parking zone for 2 weeks, a follow-up call to the supervisor took care of that. The Inspector was on site the next morning taking pictures (hopefully to “train” the original inspector), and the car was towed the next morning. A bit of a hassle, but worth it.

    • just so you know, I did that for 3 months and the stolen car was never towed until I started reporting it daily.

  • I live in a typical row house with an alley and also happen to have a garage. One evening, many years ago, there was a car parked blocking my garage. Called the police several times and got no action.
    Upon inspecting the car further (it was dark) I discovered that the steering column was broken open to expose wires whereupon I surmised that the car was stolen and my garage door was its dumping place.
    I reported the car stolen at that point and within minutes the police were there.
    Moral of the story: Report the car stolen to get action.

  • I wish this were a caption contest.

    “Don’t you have any idea who I am? I can park in front of this fire hydrant for as long as I damn well please!


    Jim Graham”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’m told that NBC4 just called dpw to investigate and the car has since been towed.

  • Made it to broadcast too! No mention of you PoP, sorry.

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