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  • These people know there are at least seven other Apple stores in the area (that I can think of), right? They giving out free iPads or something?

    • No, but the Apple stores in Bethesda and Clarendon had been sold out of iPads for most of last week. Many of the folks who stood in the line were there to buy iPads.

  • Nope. Just free t-shirts.

  • If they really lined up for a shirt then thats just sad. Apple shirts are not really to obtain with a little bit of research.

  • sheep. Wait till they find out the ‘free’ tshirt leaks their personal data to everyone they walk past.

  • shoulda been in Logan Circle…

  • Seriously, people are dumb.

    Why buy a 17in MacBookPro with a 6% sales tax in Georgetown ($134), when you can hop on the 38B for a buck 35 to Clarendon 10 minutes later and get it for 5% sales tax ($112).

    I couldn’t believe when I moved to DC from VA and they DC even charged tax for iTunes song purchases.

  • Since it is Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown I’m guessing the answer is “no”, but is this new store convenient to a Metro rail stop or easy/free (either) parking?

    • Beforewisdom: Go with your gut. “No” is the correct answer, but it is probably convenient from the circulator though.

      There’s no way apple is putting this store on GA or anywhere else in the city. The fact that Georgetown is too crowded /is/ the point. Deciding on a location to put a store is based on foot traffic. More people = more crowded = more buyers. This is why malls work. People come from all over the area to spend money in Georgetown. So you get the people who are buying computers and the occasional shopper who walks by the store and makes an impulse purchase. If you go to GA ave, you only get computer shoppers because there aren’t a lot of impulse shoppers on GA ave capable of dropping 2G’s in 15 minutes.

      • I agree about Georgia Avenue in D.C. Parts of it are not too bad, but it isn’t a place where I would want to shop.

        I don’t go to Georgetown a lot because of the lack of a Metro stop and the PITA parking. I’m guessing the people you mention who do shop there live in the area and/or shop there for the chic appeal.

        Since most of Apple’s products aside from the iMac are small, easily carried products I guess their customers having a place to park close by is not a big problem for them.

        • parking is fine on the weekdays and weekend afternoons. its only at night that its bad.
          plus gigantic parking lots at georgetown park.

          • I guess it’s all about what you’re used to, but I think paid parking garages in DC are remarkably cheap.

  • i saw it on the news last night and it looked like a fun party.besides, who cares if these people were waiting in line? at least they weren’t at your favorite bar in front of you!

  • This is also near two universities. And if you’ve been to a classroom lately, you’d know that Apple laptops dominate. Smart placement of the store. Apple’s retail strategy has been a phenomenal success. The per square footage sales are higher than Tiffany. They brought in a slew of smart people with loads of retail experience to launch their stores and it’s worked beyond anyone’s prediction.

    • their stock has never been higher. they must be doing something correctly.

      • They are the best hardware-software integrators in the industry. They have amazingly high standards for their software/hardware defect rates. Jobs is reportedly very mercurial, but he doesn’t let crappy half-a– products out the door.

  • regarding an apple store on georgia ave:

    i noticed a poster on the howard university bookstore which says it has an apple service center inside. does anyone know if non-howard students can go there for purchases or tech service?

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