A Sign of the Apocalypse?

I know reusable slurpee straws are ultimately a good thing for the environment and all but I can’t help but think this is also a terrible, terrible sign…

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  • These and a pinch of brillo pad and you have a quicky crack pipe. There’s no other reason 7-11 is selling these. At least folks with cars that have telescoping antennas may not have them ripped off nearly as often – they’re also used as improvised pipes, along with those ‘rose stems’ that various crack’n’gasses sell around town:


  • You spent $0.99 on a straw?

    Something they they should give you for “free.” I think PoP and the submitter is on to something big. The maker for the straws need to have a “WARNING: Possibility used for illegal uses. Intended for ages 12+ only.”

  • as ontarioraoder mentioned, they’re used for smoking crack.

  • Which 7-11 is this that they have an active and thriving crack clientele?

  • One person’s Slurpee, is another’s crack.

  • Another sign of the apocalyse is something I saw in Target – snuggie for dogs.

  • At home, I often drink Rum Slurpees out of those tacky collectible cups (Domo, Terminator, etc). Some of the slurpee flavours – pina colada, cherry coke, especially- go pretty well with a decent light, dark, or gold rum.

    I might want to buy a couple of those straws.

  • And if you actually tried them, you would notice that they frost up nice and actually keeps the Slurpee cooler. Yes it does. Not everything in 7-11 can be used to smoke crack!

  • “Not everything in 7-11 can be used to smoke crack!”

    Challenge accepted.

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