What the Helen of Troy is This?

I know this isn’t cutting edge neighborhood news but I’m totally baffled. Can someone explain this marketing campaign to me? “We do amazing things” and then a venus flytrap. Hmm. I stared at this thing on the metro for like 5 stops and couldn’t let it go.

I guess this could make a pretty funny supplementary caption contest…

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  • “Homeland Security- It Comes Naturally To Us.”

    I’m guessing that it has something to do with the company’s special defense and security thinking. I guess they are saying that their thinking is as uniquely evolved (and as dangerous/strong?) as the venus flytrap.

    Alt. Caption: “Venus Flytrap Ads Are Out Of This World!”

    Captcha “industry, sheared”

  • They capture bad guys

  • They just confused us into free promotion.

  • i guess it’s more pleasant to the typical commuter than saying “we kill bad guys” with picture of the same? lol 🙂

    though, i wonder. why do we get adverts on specific military projects (airborne tanker, armored troop carrier, etc) on metro.

    these are not consumer goods that anyone on metro would buy. do they hope to influence civ and military O6+ pay grades on the way to/from PNT and other DoD installations?

    if so, why should those folks be receiving unsolicited and uncontested guidance in public spaces as to how to do their jobs?

    • Actually these ads are to recruit talented,potential job candidates to come work at CSC! 🙂

  • If it was a caption contest, I would say

    “Wednesday afternoon rental Option…………….Good deal or no?” Small studio with green options near the metro. First months rent free.

  • Ugh, CSC. My company outsourced our data center to them and believe me, the venus flytrap is a good analogy.

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