Uptowner Cafe Coming to old Caribou Coffee Spot in Adams Morgan

While I was following up on the new Wok and Roll Restaurant location on 18th Street, NW I happened to notice that the door to the old Caribou Coffee spot (across the street) was open. I walked inside and spoke to the new renters – Uptowner Cafe.

If the name sounds familiar it’s because they have a few locations around town including the relatively recently opened spot on 14th St, NW in the Tivoli Complex in Columbia Heights. I have to admit I’m a fan of the Columbia Heights location (they have Dr. Brown’s soda!).

They plan on opening up this Friday. Think they’ll make a nice addition to 18th Street?

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  • Yes, welcome, good addition of an established business that will more likely endure.

    (Hard to explain two and half years vacancy at this address.)

    • That’s the key thing, right? Why did the landlord and prospective business owners looking at that spot over the past several years decide against renting that space? High rent? Poor economy? I doubt people would think of it as a poor location.

      I hope an Uptowner Cafe can survive and thrive there.

  • Their Web site is really confusing and doesn’t quite offer any insight into what they’ll be serving beyond catering options, but it’s good to get this spot filled.

  • beats an empty store front I guess but I’m sticking with So’s Your Mom

  • i love the uptowner! great service and good sandwiches for lunch. they also do a great breakfast sandwich.

  • Boo. The Uptowner is just a cold, impersonal outlet of the sort you find in big hotels. It doesn’t add any charm, character, or meaningful service to an area.

    • If you’re looking for charm and character, I’d suggest relocating to another part of town…

      • As a resident of Adams Morgan, I would respectfully suggest that you visit outside of the Friday and Saturday night chaos.

        I find many locations charming.

  • So, Just Sayin’: i would completely disagree with you imho. have you ever been to the uptowner location in the tivoli in columbia heights? the people who work there are friendly and very efficient and definitely deliver meaningful service.

    • I don’t mean that the people are cold. It’s just that it’s a blandly corporate chain serving sandwiches but not really adding much. Even Subway is more interesting. I’m puzzled that anyone’s actually excited about the Uptowner — it’s just not anything worth getting excited (one way or the other) about.

  • I like that flower shop in the picture. They have some cool stuff

  • Uptowner is overpriced, prepacked, contract food with the cheapest pre-fab build-out materials applied to the store. I say that as objectively as possible – it’s just what it is. That said, I like their egg sandwiches.

  • I gotta toss in some love for the Uptowner here. I live in the West End, and they’ve been a welcome addition to the n’hood since they’ve been here.

    Try one of their egg bagel sammiches, which is a great hangover cure, but is okay if you’re sober too. 🙂 My other two faves are the chicken salad, v light on mayo, served on white bread; or anything with hand-carved turkey. My roomie goes gaga for their roast beast. The only caveat I would offer is that sometimes the bread is just meh, but I usually have them toss it on the panini press.

    As for the “coldness” of the staff, that’s def not true here. The shop is run by two Korean sisters who couldn’t be any sweeter. One of them hugs me whenever I stop by!

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