Update on Murder of Owner of Coppi’s Restaurant on U St, NW

Photo from Flickr user Daquella manera

Thanks to a reader for sending an update of this tragic murder, in the Woodner building on 16th St, NW, of the Washington Post:

“But more than 24 hours later, after she hadn’t shown up at their restaurant, Coppi’s Organic, Carlos felt a creeping sense of dread. Nori always told him, “Go with your gut!” And his gut told him to get to her apartment, where he and another sister, Blanca, pounded on the door. No answer.

Continues after the jump, warning, graphic description.

They peeked into the mail slot. Darkness. A security guard led them inside, where they flipped on a light and found Nori in bed, on her back, wearing only her underwear, strangled to death. All of her fingernails had been cut off.”

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  • Did they ever catch this person and put them away? Was the person known to the victum? I haven’t heard any closure to this case. I hope justice was served. So aweful and sad.

  • Fingernails cut off because she scratched whoever killed her, so the person was trying to get rid of potential evidence under her fingernails.
    Though I’m sure whoever it was, left something else less obvious.

  • Anon – Your english is stellar.

    Anyways.. I live on the floor this happened on (same hallway in fact) and I am convinced that it was a hit. Obviously someone hired someone to take her out. Far too professional. Scary stuff indeed. May she rest in peace. Sadly, it seems the police are keystone coppers as always.

  • Maybe the bedbugs did it….

  • Jacob – “English” should be capitalized.

    Also, try “I live on the floor on which this happened…”

    Oh, and the Mack Sennett characters to which you allude are the Keystone Kops.

    But thanks for your diligence in pointing out the shortcomings of others. I’m sure it made you feel better about yourself. Briefly.

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