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  • Does anyone know if the Upshur pool is worth a visit? I dont expect a country club, but I also dont want to check it out if it has a reputation for being dirty and over-crowded. Thanks!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I like the Upshur pool but it’s not as big as Banneker.

    • The Upshur pool is a rat and roach infested cesspool filled with fecund feces. The lounge chairs they scored from the Hilton are very uncomfortable. Please do not go there ;D

      • i couldn’t DISAGREE more. that’s the only pool i go to and i’ve found it to be consistently clean and the people that go there are very local and friendly. sure it’s an older facility and the kiddie pool is likely to be full of pee, but that’s to be expected. if you’re an adult and you want to do some laps and get some sun, it’s a great place!

  • Can you swim laps at Banneker, or is it full of kids?

  • It just doesn’t feel right to be out having a good time after we lose Gary Coleman, does it?

  • Do most of the outdoor pool have designated lap times and lanes? It would be nice to go over to Langdon or Harry Thomas Sr. for an outdoor swim instead of swimming inside at Turkey Thicket or Takoma.

  • Jazz in the Garden is a great event. hearty endorsement from this reader.

  • Just got back from practice at Hains Point…they got new lounge chairs, so I’m guessing the rumors are true for Banneker!

    Captcha: methanol retirement (atta gurl!)

  • Just got back from Banneker, and it was pretty awesome. They have it roped off into three sections, with lap swimmers using the middle section. The water is warm and even though there were a lot of people, there were still some available chairs. For lap swimmers, does anyone know how wide the pool is? I was assuming 25 yards?

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