Trouble at Eighteenth and Red in Adams Morgan?

I’m not sure what’s going on here but this sign didn’t look good:

Someone’s getting sued but I suppose there may be some tenants in the building as well? Any fans of this place? Anyone know if it’s still open?

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  • Looks like they’re getting evicted, prob for not paying rent.

  • 20k a month rent, crap food, only open on weekends! Goodbye!

  • Anon 5:23 is right. The landlord charges a ridiculous amount of money for that location (last I heard it was actually a bit more than $20K)and is also apparently not that great to work with.

    For instance, the owners of Maker’s Mark have a restaurant chain as well and they wanted to go into the property and they asked for relief on the rent during the build-out (which is actualy pretty typical) and the landlord refused.

  • They were open Saturday Night and offering drink specials early in the night. Didn’t seem to be anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

  • My buddies in the Bar/Nightlife industry have been telling me that everyone is hurting. The snowstorms in February basically killed a whole month’s worth of revenue. Pair that with the fact that December and January tend to be slow months anyway and its not a recipe for success. There are a number of businesses that are teetering on collapse and/or for sale right now.

  • Wake me up when 18th St is bulldozed

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