Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – U St, NW

This rental is located at 16th and U Streets, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Beautiful, sunny studio overlooking the garden in a charming Victorian in the heart of the U St. Corridor.

It has high ceilings, big windows, hardwood floors, kitchen with marble counters, microwave, oven, refrigerator, washer/dryer in unit & bathroom with tub.”

I think this is one of the first studios I’ve seen that’s not in a big building or basement. Do you think $1400 per month, utilities not included sounds reasonable?

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  • $1400/month for a studio isn’t reasonable anywhere in DC.

    • Unfortunately, all the landlords who are successfully charging $1400 for studios in the Dupont/AdMo/UStreet triangle would tend to disagree with you.

    • Sounds like you’ll be moving out to burbs in a year or two. There was a time, about 7 years ago, when I looked at a one bedroom near here for 750. Those days are gone. Rental prices in formerly undesirable hoods are rocketing up to a level that is actually — and this is key — still affordable to the average DC single. Pricing for interns doesn’t exist on U, outside of shared living.

  • Um, I second that. Are you freakin’ kidding me?

  • If it is reasonably nice, this will go quickly. For that location, not a bad deal at all. A 1br there starts at 1900+.

  • I think its reasonable if the size/layout is reasonable. I would expect at least 500 sq ft and new appliances to command that much personally.

  • I pay $1100 for a basement studio right around the corner. although i would be more than willing to pay more for having a washer/dryer in the apartment and possibly a quieter place!!! I may have to check it out 🙂

  • I think it’s too much unless it’s a huge studio though I know people who pay just under that for studios that are closer to the metro. I lived across the street in a BIG 2 BR for $2300 total though. Pricing here is nuts.

  • Oh I think this is a great deal for this location. Looks cute!

  • $1400 for a studio is UN-reasonable. $1000 tops.

  • Has anyone commenting that this is unreasonable actually tried to find a decent, renovated, above ground studio in a hot neighborhood recently? I’d have to see the total square footage but this seems pretty reasonable, esp. with the private washer/dryer.

    • If you look and remain hopeful, you can find hidden treasures. I have a spacious one BR for under $900 (all utils included) on Fairmont between 13th and 14th. Love it and I’m never leavin!

      • Fairmont, this is not. Better location and safer area.

        • Agreed. I live near there as well and pay around $800. There was triple shooting on 14th and Fairmont like two months ago. We pay less for less safety, and a little less convenience.

  • It’s not an unreasonable rent if someone rents it at that price, which someone will. Just because it’s an unreasonable rent to YOU doesn’t mean it’s unreasonable in general.

  • Once I checked out the pictures, I thought it was a good deal.

  • Um, craigslist search and you will see a whole lot of places above $1400. In my building in Dupont, they are $1650 for 500sqft. And much higher. The demographic that reads this blog isn’t really the IMF/World Bank/foreigners/rich students/lawyers contingent i’m guessing.

    • +1.

      I was paying $1,800 plus another $150 for parking for a studio near here before just purchasing a place. I was okay with my expenses coming in under 2k…this would have rocked.

  • Sad to say, but yup that sounds about right.

  • houseintherear

    Great location. I think it’s reasonably priced, but a penny more will be pushing unreasonable.

    O wait, sorry, I think I’m supposed to say… “My entire f-ing mortgage is the same amount! And I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with an f-ing backyard and parking, man! This city is f-ing crazy!!!!1111!one!”

  • i rent a 1 bedroom basement (about 900sf) for 1500 just around the corner on t street… just for comparison. obviously less light, but more space and a bedroom.

  • in 2006 I lived in a 350 sq ft studio on 1700 block of Mass for about $1150.

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