The Written Word Now Located at 1926 17th Street, NW

Someone just mentioned to me how difficult it is to find card shops today. While this is mostly invitations and stationary I hadn’t realized The Written Word moved to 1926 17th St, NW.  Previously Written Word was located in Dupont Circle then in Logan Circle at 1427 P St NW but that location closed May 1st.  I’m glad to see they’ve found a new location.

So besides The Written Word, where are other good card shops around town (especially for birthdays and events like that)?

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  • My favorite place to buy cards is at the Chocolate Moose downtown on L street. They always have something unique.

  • if you are looking to do custom invitations, announcements or just get a beautiful letter pressed card, the Written Word is the place to go. their printing is flawless.

    • me

      Yes, but is also outrageously expensive. My wedding invitations looked perfect, but when we got the bill, it hurt!

  • Pulp on 14th Street is a great place. You can also try any Paper Source for fancy pants cards.

  • Groovy D.C. on 8th Street has some cool cards.

  • saf

    Pulp is great. Also, Wake up Little Suzie in Cleveland Park.

  • I third the recommendation for Pulp. It’s one of my favorite stores in the city — not just for cards, but all sorts of quirky gifts too!

  • Pulp is Love.

  • I live around the corner from this place. I haven’t had the chance to use them yet, but will. Sadly, they just got smashed by taggers a couple of nights ago so there is graffiti everywhere. Hopefully they get rid of it soon.

  • I’ve found some beautiful cards at the museum store at the National Gallery of Art.

  • Pulp is by far the best card shop in the city–and lots of fun little gifts too.

  • As a stationary/paper nerd, I normally buy all of my stationary/letterpress off of Etsy. But if need be, I always stop by The Written Word. Otherwise, the other choices for me are ‘Just Paper & Tea’ (georgetown), ‘Pulp’, ‘Now & Then’ (takoma park), ‘Politics and Prose’, ‘Wake up Little Suzie’ (cleveland park), ‘Paper Source’, ‘The ProperTopper’ has cards occasionally, and NGA.

    Unfortunately, on occasion, I leave Pulp feeling a bit disappointed with their selection. A lot of their of their stock can be novelty, and it can sometimes be difficult to find something beautifully unique AND suitable/appropriate for an elder (friend, parent, grandparent), unless I want to buy a whole box of cards.

  • What happened to P Street ??? I was so happy when they moved in, seemed like a perfect fit. Alas I had not even noticed it was closed.

    • I live right next to the P street location and I never saw anyone shopping in there. I just don’t think there was enough demand in that location for a card store and I’m sure the rent was sky high. I’m hopeful that something other than another bank will move into that location.

  • I am a huge fan of stationary stores and was excited about The Written Word when I moved to Logan Circle. I must say the staff were quite rude each time I stopped in the P Street location. Oftentimes, I was completely ignored as if they had a radar that knew I wasn’t going to purchase 200 wedding invitations. When that day comes, I will not be patronizing The Written Word.

  • Gosh I compared letterpress wedding invitations all over- PaperSource and places on line and I got them at The Written Word. Prices were well below- like a lot below-everyone else. And they couldn’t have been nicer to me, and even to my mom ( who was a pill).

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