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  • Question on Transoms: I have a 1917 “Wardman-style” rowhome in Petworth. It has a clear glass transom above the front door, which up until now, has had our address on it in cheap stickers. What are some alternatives for this type of house? I don’t ever see ornate transoms like the one above being used for such houses, so I assume it is particular to a different type of architecture? Anyone have any ideas on how to make this a more beautiful space to display our street address? Thanks so much!

  • That FAN light is interesting (in that it’s different), but sort of looks like a cheesy 70’s iron-on decal for a t-shirt.

    Anonymous – I think the traditional ’round here is to have either black house numbers painted on the transom, or have gold-leaf numbers applied (sometimes with black painted shadow lines for dimension). There are so many options: you could have a plaque next to the door with numbers on them. Just make sure you can read them at night, in case emergency services are ever needed.

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