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  • Chua Giac Hoang got it going on.

  • The place has been there for ages. They started in a normal 16th street house and have expanded and remodeled the place over time. I used to love seeing the monks walk down the street chanting every day like clockwork. I don’t know if they still do that.

  • for those of us who don’t get out the core much, upper 16th street (which probably has a well-known name that i’m unaware of) has some interesting stuff if you’re willing to do some walking. the walter reed complex, the legg mason tennis place, etc. you could actually take metro to silver spring, walk over to 16th and walk all the way back downtown to the white house. if you wanted. i almost made the whole trip once.

    • Lots of old timers call it Church Street, simply because there are so many churches/synagogues/temples lining it.

    • the area around legg mason is beautiful! my favorite place to go running in the district.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Awww kewl, that’s my family temple! Thanks for posting. I’ve been going since I was 3 years old… I remember when it was a few doors down in this fantastic Spanish style house back in the 70s; the temple has been at the current site since 1979/1980 (Year 2524 in the Buddhist calendar). I believe construction for the pagoda hall was completed in the mid-80s.

  • I thought everybody would know about the Carter Barron – Shakespeare (free) / concerts / tennis and I believe there are a few smaller embassies in the area. I have heard upper 16th referred to as the “Gold Coast.” It is my favorite residential area in the city.

  • This is a Vietnamese buddhist temple. The statue in the courtyard is The Goddess of Mercy.


    This place is most lively on Chinese New Year’s Eve when hundreds of parishers come for New Year blessings and they have lion dances, ring bells, beat gongs, and light firecrackers at midnight. 16th Street is a mess on that night and police come for traffic control.

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