Scuttlebutt: New Bakery Coming to Columbia Heights?

“Dear PoP,

While sitting in Columbia Heights coffee the other day, I overheard a food wholesaler mention that a bakery was coming in across the street on 11th street. Have you heard any details about this? A good bakery would be a great addition to one of my favorite streets in DC!”

Perhaps this is the development in the works for 3313 11th St, NW? I know folks have often mentioned the desire for a good local bakery. One would probably do very well in that location or elsewhere on 11th St.

Anyone else hear this rumor?

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  • i’m confused. in your other posting, you seem to state that you know what the new development is:

    “Well I was able to track down the new owner and am happy to confirm that something is coming! Sadly, deals have not been completely signed so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for details.”

    are you protecting the owner’s privacy and not telling your masses (totally acceptable)? or am i confused, and you met the owner and he told you “something” was coming, and you don’t know either? huh?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, good question. I don’t know specifically what type of business is coming to 3313 11th St. I simply know that negotiations are ongoing.

  • If true, hopefully the new joint is not Vegan.
    Vegan baked goods are nasty!.

  • A new bakery would be great. I’m sure people will come up with a bunch of examples to prove me wrong, but off the top of my head, it seems like local bakeries are an example of the type of business that other cities have in abundance that we lack here. I enjoy buying breads and baked goods at the farmers’ market but it would be nice to have a regular place in our ‘hood, too.

  • Deli > Bakery

  • I have one word: BAGELS. Can this city get a decent bagel?

  • What about Hellers? It’s not like insane but I think it’s pretty good.

  • Yes yes yes, please let it be true!

  • Hopefully it’s an actual bakery that bakes their own stuff, and not a place that sells bread but calls themselves a bakery.

    • Thanks, P, for sharing this! From the site:

      “1020 Monroe is situated at the corner of Monroe Street and 11th Street NW in the heart of Columbia Heights. Madison investments will begin construction on the building on May 19th 2010. The building will be developed to present 28 luxury 1 & 2 bedroom condos ranging in size from 675 -1100 SF. The building also features approximately 7,500 square feet of retail space divided into 6 units that will be re-designed to present attractive and modern new storefronts. The anticipated construction time for this project is approximately 12 months with anticipated sales beginning in June 2011. “

  • Both this and the Monroe development are such welcome news! With these pieces in place the entire area from Park down to Irving pretty much has been overhauled right? I’d be SO excited for a bakery that included bagels, but really I’m just excited for something besides empty storefronts.

  • Also good to note that a percentage will be affordable housing. This is required on all new renovations of this size in Columbia Heights.

    • That is not necessarily the case. It all depends on the amount of money being put into the renovation and how that compares to the value of the building before the renovation. Inclusionary zoning requirements might not be triggered.

    • I don’t believe it. Columbia Heights has more Section 8 housing than all of Detroit.

  • A real bakery that actually sells things will be a marked improvement over that EVIL TEASE OF A BAKERY at 11th and Lamont, that causes all sorts of wonderful and delicious smells to waft over the surrounding area but that only sells to stores, not individuals.

  • Is is going to be PAISLEY FIG? I heard they were opening a bakery and it makes sense if its near ROOM 11.

  • I heard that possibly Taylor (of Taylor Gourmet) was thinking about that space. Any chance that is true?! that would be SOOOO amazing

  • I love Paisley Fig! Please come to 11th St!

    Wish that the Columbia Heights coffee shop would update their menu. They always seem to sell the same exact flavors of muffin/bagel/sandwich. Boooring!

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