Screenings of a never-seen-before Springsteen concert film at the Atlas June 12 and 17

Photo from flickr user Alex Hempton-Smith

I’m able to give away 2 pairs of tickets, I’ll select two winners from the comments. Share your favorite Bruce song and/or concert and I’ll announce the winners Friday.

From the organizers:


Captured in London at the Hard Rock Calling Festival in June, 2009 in HD, this concert film captures Bruce Springsteen, the best live rock and roll performer of his generation (and a couple of other generations as well!).

“London Calling: Live In Hyde Park” conveys both the experience of being on-stage with Bruce Springsteen and the vast crowd experience of the festival environment. Viewers are able to see Springsteen spontaneously directing the E Street Band and shaping the show as it evolves. 

The set list spans from “Born To Run” era to “Working On a Dream” and includes rare covers such as The Clash’s “London Calling,” which opened the show and wowed the crowd!

“The concert earned rave reviews. The London Times called it “epic” and “a revved-up… power drive through Springsteen’s America.” Concurs The Independent, “He awed the 50,000-strong crowd… Drenched in sweat by the second number, tossing his guitars to the roadies with the vigour of a frontman a third of his age and jogging down a walkway to meet his fans and take their requests, Springsteen’s intensity was staggering from first powerful vocal to final thrashed-out chord.”

Don’t miss these two chances to rock out with the Boss! Tickets are $15 and are available at starting May 25!”

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  • Favorite Song – “Growing Up”
    Favorite Concert: The first MSG show he did after 9/11. The Rising was just released and it was such an emotionally charged atmosphere. The whole concert left me with goosebumps – which, as I write this comment – are coming back. Words simply cannot describe how amazing of a night it was.

  • Favorite Song: “Atlantic City”
    Favorite Concert: I have been to quite a few but my favorite was last summer in Hershey because of the company I was with. I went with my 65 yr old Uncle Bob (who first introduced me to The Boss) and my older sister. I had the greatest time and just seeing my Uncle rocking out was priceless. As in true Springsteen fashion the show went on until he was told by the concert venue that he had to stop playing because they had surpassed the time he could legally be on stage (due to noise ordinances).

  • Favorite Song? Favorite Concert? Just one? Not sure I can do it……

    Song: Promised Land

    Concert: October 4, 2002; Boston. Flew from DC for the weekend to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday; and what better way to celebrate than with Bruce tickets!

  • Song: Atlantic City

    Concert: Last November at the Verizon Center in DC. His second time in DC that year, and the first concert after the death of his cousin Lenny Sullivan, the Boss opened with Lenny’s favorite song from Working on a Dream – Outlaw Pete. Other highlights included bringing a kid up from the crowd to help with the chorus of Waiting on a Sunny Day, Hearing Rosalita live for the first time ever, and finally getting a chance to sing Hungry Heart with my friends and the Boss.

  • Song: I’m On Fire
    Concert: October 2, 2009, one of the last concerts ever at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. I took my mom for her 50th birthday – it was both of our first Bruce concerts. There is no better way to see Bruce than in his (and my) home state of New Jersey. It started raining so hard during the middle of the concert and it didn’t matter, they just played harder.

  • Song: Incident on 57th Street.

    Concert: December 8, 2001, Asbury Park, NJ at the Convention Hall.

    Reason: At that time, I’d only seen Springsteen once before — August 26, 1999 in Boston. Despite being a huge music fan (and playing the guitar since I was 12), I’d never seen such an incredible performance — or been so moved by a show. So I quickly started collecting bootlegs (I’ve got hundreds) and eagerly awaiting an opportunity to once again see The Boss.

    In December 2001, my chance came when he announced five concerts with the Max Weinberg Seven at the Conventional Hall in Asbury Park. I left after I finished my last final of the fall semeseter, and arrived (without a ticket) in Asbury Park at about 2:00am. Eighteen hours later (in the pouring rain), just before showtime, faith was rewarded — they released some floor tickets. Only $100. On the way in, I was offered $2,000 – cash – for my ticket. I turned it down. I’ve since seen about 25 more Springsteen shows.

  • Favorite song: Born To Run
    Favorite Concert: 10/11/04 – DC

    That was my first show. It was also my 25th birthday. I’d traveled from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to see the man whose music had inspired me for so long. That was also special because my girlfriend was there next to me. Now as her husband, I remember looking in her eyes as Springsteen played, and promising I’d love her with all the madness in my soul.

  • Song: Dancing in the Dark

    Concert: August 2003 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Similar experience as Emily’s watching my 60-year-old father dance in the stands. The whole night was just magical also.

  • Bruce song: You can’t beat Thunder Room opening Born to Run. Such a powerful, yearning song that starts up the greatest American rock album ever. That song is what it means to be an American. It was my first Bruce album, and I wore it out.

    Concert: Hearing Born to Run from start to finish at the Verizon Center this fall.

  • My Hometown.

    Madison Square Garden June 2000 – the entire audience was from New Jersey, knew every word to every song – and was belting them – I’m not even sure if Bruce was singing. I was 23 and living in the city at the time, but have never felt more like a Jersey Girl. 10 years later (spent in CA and DC), this song and memories of that night bring a tear to my eye. That home is a place that was.

  • Song: There are so many great songs, but I think my favorite is “The River” — it’s just perfect storytelling with his use of the river as an analogy for…well, life.

    I’ve never been fortunate or financially stable enough to afford to see him live, however. But there are some good stories from the rest of you. Awesome.

    (Captcha: man stranded = seems fitting. heh)

  • Favorite Song: For You
    Favorite Concert: Seen a lot in DC and Boston but nothing compares to you first show in NY/NJ. Saw him at Giants stadium this past summer and the energy he and the E St Band bring to the stage so close to their homebase.

  • Favorite Song: “Fourth Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”. I love romantic tunes that tell a story.

    Favorite concert: Stop Prop 209 Rally. Bruce shares the stage with Jesse Jackson and Ani DiFranco. Definitely the weirdest trio I’ll ever see. Bruce singing, Jesse preaching and Ani philosophizing. Very odd. But very fun. This was at the Los Angeles Federal Building in October, 1996. I’m not sure who had the more difficult voice to decipher, Bruce or Jesse. The big time Bruce heads showed up two hours early with lawn chairs and complained later that Bruce only did a song or two. Guess they didn’t realize it was a political rally.

  • Favorite Song: Thunder Road

    Favorite Concert: The final show of his 10 show series at Giants Stadium back in 2003 or 2004. Everything was incredible – and Bruce did a flip on stage!

  • Favorite Song: “Reason to Believe”

    Favorite Concert: November 7th, 2009 – He played The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle in its entirety for the first time ever and Elvis Costello came out to play! Plus it was my first Bruce show so hearing him play the Rising in Madison Square Garden in NYC was transcendent.

  • 8/31/2003- Celebrated my 18th birthday with Bruce at Giants Stadium. Great show with rare gems Cynthia, Lucky Town, and Jersey Girl to cap the evening.

    Fav song- Incident on 57th Street.

  • Favorite Song: Land of Hope and Dreams

    Favorite Concert: Baltimore November 20, 2009
    It was the last concert that I was able to make it to last year. Not only did he play the entire Born to Run album, but he also played my favorite song Land of Hope and Dreams in addition to so many other awesome songs! Because he was nearing the end of his tour, energy was high and the arena packed which only fueled Bruce more. This was the longest and most energetic concert that I had been to. I was even able to assist Bruce in his crowd surfing during Hungry Heart! Very exciting!

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