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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

Any fun Memorial weekend plans?

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  • Rant – While BP continues to let the environment die off,somebody down the street continues to fiddle away.

    Rave – Memorial Day weekend is almost here. But really, with all that the deceased vets have done for us, shouldn’t we have a Memorial Week off of work? Any takers?

  • Rave: I just love julianne’s photos!
    Rant: I’ve gotten really lazy with photography and need to get out with the camera more often.

  • Rant (and a request for advice): I moved into a row house about a year ago. Everything is wonderful. Except that my neighbor has four very large dogs in his rowhouse. The dogs bark all hours of the day and night and despite the double brick party walls, I hear muffled barking all the time. The only time barking doesn’t come through the walls is when the dogs are in the backyard, making my backyard an inhospitable place.

    I have met the neighbors a few times and like them. I surely don’t want to do anything to upset friendly relations. Has anyone faced a similar situation about noisy neighboring canines in the city? Any advice for how to handle my rant?

    • If they’re nice people, you’ll have to train them like would train a dog. That means every time you hear the dog, you need to go over there or give them a call. Be nice about it, even if you have to force the smile. They probably don’t know how loud their dogs are. Once they get a sense for “dog barks, neighbor calls” (hopefully) they’ll react on their own. If their jerks, then fight fire with fire.

      I had a neighbor doing construction on the party wall at 11pm on a Friday night. You could hear it like a dentists drill in your mouth two doors away but they had no clue. I took them 2 beers and they got the hint. Small price to pay for quiet and neighbor relations.

  • That’s a tough one: you say you like them so I assume they’re nice neighbors otherwise … how do you think they’d respond if you just brought it up? They might not know that you can hear it all the time. I sympathize … the walls/ceiling in my building are really, really thin an I can hear everything the people above me do. Including farts and burps. Not good.

  • Rave: Gearing up to spend most of the three day weekend with my new special lady friend. Really falling for this girl. It’s great.

  • #1 – Keep the good relationship with your neighbors. Suggest they buy (or you buy for them) an ultrasonic bark stopper – (check online) it emits an annoying tone when a dog barks and can be very effective. Isn’t really good outdoor in the city as passing trucks etc. will also set it off.

    My rave and – not rant exactly, but sadness – is that my own dog, after 15 happy healthy great wonderful years, appears to be declining. Since Monday she slowed down than stopped eating altogether – though today I got her to lick a little peanut butter and honey off my fingers.

    Thankfully, she seems to be in no real pain or distress.

    And thanks to the lovely woman (Caribbean accent, hospital scrubs) who stopped as she passed us on her way home from work the other evening, noticed both the slow old dog and my own sadness, and offered sweet comforting words.

    Let’s take time to appreciate all the good things we have.

  • My rant is that someone keeps stealing my trash cans and recycling bins! I put my house number on them but they still disappear. Very frustrating. Maybe I should start padlocking the trashcan to the lamppost when I put it out.

    • I moved into a house not long ago where this was supposedly happening. Not saying this is the case for you, but check down the street. Our “theft” was the garbage collectors just walking them down the street as they unloaded in an effort to keep moving.

      • I don’t think so. Several of us put them out on the same corner and no one else’s have disappeared (nor has my small, old, crappy trashcan with the giant hole in the bottom).

  • Rave: Sold my first book to random house.

    Double Rave: Going to take the advance and travel.

  • Rant/Rave: Need to start apartment hunting soon (always a challenge to find a pet-friendly place) – any recommendations for places to find listings other than Craigslist?

  • DCist used this picture today as well. What are the odds….

  • Rave 1: Looking at a potential venue for our wedding tomorrow!

    Rant: The realty of how much a wedding costs is starting to sink in. But, it is a once in a lifetime event, right?!

    • Not for my friends.

      • Ha!


        A lot of the stuff that you think is important at a wedding no one really gives a crap about. Unfortunately, the food and the booze are still expensive.

        The venue you chose often locks you into a certain tier of spending (required caterers, corking fees, etc.) even though it’s an impulse choice for many brides. Think through the follow-on costs of your venue before you write that check.

        Think twice about skipping the wedding coordinator.

    • the flip-side of that: It’s just. one. day. Don’t forget to remind yourself of that! It’s the marriage that’s supposed to last a lifetime, not the debt.

    • Wherever you decide to save money, don’t skip the professional photographer. DO NOT accept a friend’s photography services. Chances are pretty good that they’ll end up enjoying the party too much to do the job very well. This has happened to several friends of mine, and it’s heartbreaking to realize after the fact that your photos are incomplete.

      • Gotta agree about the importance of a photographer. I highly recomend Michael Temchine if you’re into a journalistic style and not tons of posed photos.

      • I was at an awesome wedding a while back (marriage ended in divorce though) at a resort, the photog hooked up with a girl in the wedding party, then hung out at the resort with them for like two days, and never produced the photos. That guy rules.

  • Seeking advice: I need to get rid of a large couch. I don’t remember how we got it in, but it was difficult and traumatic and required the assistance of several large burly men that I don’t have around for the job.

    The couch is total crap, even the nastiest flophouse wouldn’t want it. I want to break up the frame. How would that be best achieved? I don’t have any power saws, but I do have a couple hand saws. Just start hacking?

    Or hey, anyone want to bring their skill saw over to my place this weekend? Wanton destruction is fun! And I’ll give you beer… after the power tools are put away, of course.

    • If you do end up tearing it up, you might want to consider wearing a mask. All the dust and other things that live in a couch can really cause you issues when you stir them up.

      You’d probably be fine to cut the frame with a hand saw but be aware that the springs might be all connected and not so easy to cut through. A set of small bolt cutters would probably work.

    • Good call on the dust and whatnot. We’ve bought this thing used more than 10 years ago, have moved it a good 4000 total miles, and are now getting rid of it because the cat peed on it one too many times. It’s probably full of dried out scorpion eggs or something.

      I suppose it bears mentioning that I don’t think I need to cut it into pieces. I just need it to be a little more flexible/ collapsible, so I can squeeze it out the door. Just need a few inches of give… Sledgehammer would probably do the job, but I don’t have one of those, either.

      • You can get a mini sledge at Home Depot for $25. Knock the arms/ends of the thing and you should be good to go. Unless, by heavy you mean its a sleeper sofa? In which case, unscrew the metal frame.

        I’d help, but I don’t usually make house calls.

  • Rave: Got my building permit from DCRA in <1hr.

    Rant: People stealing pets.

  • Point VERY well taken… thanks!

  • Rant: I complained about my contractor I got through Service Magic. He called me up and was upset because he thought “we were friends.” Maybe for the first six monthis of the 2 month project…

  • RIP Gary Coleman.

  • Rave – Great first date last night! Three day weekend, and not spending half of it sitting in traffic!

    Rant – grad school decision letter hasn’t come yet. Waiting is agony!

  • Rave: My dentist, Ms. Nichols, is so smoking hot! Could have sat in her chair all day long 😉

  • Rave: Speed Bumps on V and First.

    Rant: I was really looking into purchasing the Baraki building and even found investors to help me. However, these speed bumps and the beginning of the end of me living in this neighborhood, so I’ve decided not to move forward.

    I don’t want to live in the suburbs – never lived in one, grew up here on Hanover, but this place is becoming more and more like a suburb and quite frankly, isn’t appealing anymore.

    Funny enough: Captcha – tavern canforas

    • um, you realize you’re not making sense right? your rant and rave are contradictory. . .

  • Rave: we won lottery tix to the 9:30 Club 30th Anniversary concert on Monday!
    Rant: Finding a babysitter on a holiday on such short notice is close to impossible!

    amusing captcha: mood layovers

  • Rant: moving sucks

    Rave: my new house and roommates will be a huge upgrade

  • It is pretty darned expensive to get married in this area. That said, you can find good locations and vendors that are somewhat reasonably priced. I would suggest looking for city/county owned venues. My husband and I got married at the Fairfax Old Town Hall a couple years ago and I think it was about $3,000 for the rental on a Saturday night. We also had an amazing caterer who was pretty reasonably priced for the area – Jane Nordstrom at Thyme Savor catering. I think it was about $65 per head for passed hors d’ oeuvres and buffet dinner. And the food was excellent. If you’re gonna have an open bar, try to find a place where you can bring your own booze. Otherwise, if you have friends like ours, you’ll be in the poorhouse!

  • Rant: moving sucks

    Rave: my new house and roommates will be a huge upgrade

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