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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • ok, so, this was funny and weird and uncomfortable. This weekend, when I was in the CH Giant, a black woman came up to me and said “Hi neighbor.” And I didn’t recognize her at all. I looked again, thought hard, and then finally shrugged and said, “sorry I think you have me confused with someone else.” She said, “from 14th and blah blah street? Aren’t you my neighbor?” And I said, “no, but that’s ok, all us white guys look alike.”

    And she just stared at me, and then walked away.

    I wasn’t sure if she was insulted, amused, angry, or what.

    I really meant it as a joke. I mean, I’m a 6-foot blonde haired white guy, I’m sure I look like a million other people, and I always thought the whole line that “black people all look the same to me” was pretty funny, so I thought I’d just turn it on it’s head. I mean, seriously, I was totally not surprised that to her all white people look the same…

    But then I thought, oh sh1t, was I just really rude? Was I reverse-racist? Was I guilty of just being a dork? I really was trying to be funny, but now I fear I pissed her off…


    • Eh, don’t worry. I would bet she was probably just confused/embarrassed, and didn’t know how to respond.

      My ANC Commissioner has the same problem, and she lives across the street from me. She’s introduced herself to me at least three times. . .

      Captcha (apropos of nothing): theorize bacteria

    • Well, the “black people all look alike” statement, while funny sounding to you, is considered pretty racist by black people. (Of course, I’m speaking generally.)

      So in a nutshell, you called her racist.

      That’s my guess.

  • Rant – The sneering goons on 14th street leered at my girlfriend yet again today. We took flight to avoid their wandering hands.

    Revel – I’m finally moving to Dupont Circle and away from this Modern day babylon!

    • Babylon was a pinnacle of civilization in it’s time and even by today’s standards of an organized and lawful society. I think you are confusing your references. You probably mean modern day Detroit.

      • Hi there, I work for OCP – we are currently in the process of buying old Detroit and to implement security systems around the city for a fresh start. An image can be found here of our latest prototype:


        Please contact your OCP representative for further updates!

  • rave: Went to the 7th Day Adventist International Vegetarian Food Festival on Saturday.
    rant: The event was actually held on Sunday.
    rave: Also went on the correct day, and got some great food.
    rave: Went to the Wonderland afterwards ’cause those crazy church functions never serve booze.

  • Rave: Went to the Greek Festival by the National Cathedral on Saturday – had an awesome gyro and delish sweet red wine.

    Rave: Went to Veranda Saturday night and had a super time sitting outside, sharing a bottle of wine with the boyfriend, with no bugs bothering us!

    Rave: Ongoing health maladies are finally starting to get better!

    Rave: Things are finally starting to settle down at work – next week my time management should be back to normal!

  • Rant: Today is my ex’s birthday. I sent him a small happy birthday email because I would really like to be friends. Now I panic everytime the email notification thing buzzes.

    Rave: My summer classes start this week. Yes I’m a geek. But it will fill time I don’t have to think about my broken heart.

    Rant/Rave: I started watching Lost streaming on netflix. I love it. However, said summer classes actually have homework. Which I should probably do rather than watch lost.

    • I have the same problem – I started watching Lost while I was recovering from getting my tonsils out and was able to watch like 10 episodes in a row… Now I have to actually work and stuff!

      Are you just taking summer classes for fun? That actually sounds like it’d be fun, but I am a geek as well 🙂

      • I’m working on my masters of social work. So yes and no on the fun part. They’re required classes for fall semester so I’m just taking them early. But they’re actually great classes for summer because they’re interesting–psychopathology and forensic social work.

  • Rant: Hearing my coworkers all talk about a party they went to over the weekend. First heard about the party from the guy I’m dating– he wanted me to come with him. I wasn’t invited.
    Rave: Went to a comedy show that night instead. It was hilarious.

    • since when do you need to be invited to a party to go to it? Is this a 5th grader’s birthday at the arcade?

    • yeah who cares if you were invited? getting kicked out of parties can be the most entertaining part!

      capcha: wannabes waste

  • Rave: Went biking/running in Rock Creek Park Sunday afternoon. Great weather, lots of happy people, some sort of Bulgarian/East European (?) party going on near Pierce Mill.
    Rant: My library book is taking forever to arrive at my local library.

  • Rant: ihop coming to Columbia Heights!

    Rave: such amazing weather this weekend for playing outside

  • Rave: Saturday played in my first rugby match since my surgery. Knees held up well, lungs need a little work.

    Rant: Cat hair…never ending cat hair.

  • leave detroit alone.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Cat played with a mouse in my place over the weekend.
    Rave: The mouse is dead.
    Rant: Why are DC mice so stupid, my apt has cat smell all over it?

    • We have mice in our office. If only they would let us get a few cats, they’d be gone in no time and I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a dead mouse stuck in my window!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I just wish my cat would kill them instead of play with them to death. I hate when her “toys” run at me while trying to escape her. Then I scream and she freaks out and the damn things get away to possibly die of their injuries under the couch.

  • Rave: After contemplating and talking about it for a few years, finally got my nose pierced on Friday night! So far, no regrets!

    Rave2: Spent the weekend in NYC–hung out w/a friend I haven’t seen in a while, took a nap in Central Park, ate my first NY bagel. Even the bus trip was nice!

    Rant: Uh…no rants, for once in my life!

  • Rant?Rave: Was thinking about what to post before loggin on and thought, a rant about reverse racism. What do I see in the first post, something about racism. You know, they’ve linked racism with shorter lives. Apparently the adrenaline rush caused by the stress associated with being a minority causes wear and tear on your blood vessels and heart and voila, shorter life. Now in my case, I finally understand. Being the white minority in a town with a fair proportion of people of color who tend to project what I feel as racist vibes toward me and my lady (just occurred explicitly from black guy on porch talking crap to me as I walked on NH Ave in PW), it certainly causes me stress, and it makes you wonder how long it will take for the US to get over this black white slavery inequity violence deal and start feeling some cross-skin-color-universal-love. It also makes me wonder if I really want to subject my kids to growing up white in schools with high proportion of kids of color. (BTW –don’t white folks have color too?) Ugh…

    Rave: got to shake hands with the Mayor and Muriel at Fort Totten this morning. Nice small town feel!

    • Sadly, yes, DC is soaking in ethnic/racial/economic tensions (though many will deny this heartily).

      If some guy is spouting racist crap, that’s his own problem. Ignoring is an option.

      If he is being aggressive or confrontational, that is plain wrong, so if you want to be able to keep your blood pressure down in these situations, I’d say take some sort of self-defense class (karate, krav maga, whatever) so you feel confident enough to handle yourself in these sorts of situations.

    • are white people still the minority in dc? man, it doesn’t seem like it.

    • “people of color who tend to project what I feel as racist vibes toward me and my lady”

      DC is a city as it becomes more urban expect it to become less friendly. Haves vs. have not plays a part too, white = have. I know black people who feel they get the same ‘what are you doing here’ (racist) vibe when they enter a Columbia Heights primarily yuppie patronized business, especially if they are in a group that is all black. They also say the new businesses never advertise at the local churches. They think new ‘White’ businesses are not interested in having black customers.

      That said, I have kids and color seems to be much less of a big deal to them. If adults don’t pass on their biases things will be better.

      RAVE – I taught my daughter how to ride a bike this weekend.

  • Uh-oh, I got a call and email from a friend who pissed me off and I was ranting about his behavior in an email to another friend who had inquired about his whereabouts and who knows him well and accidently sent the email back to him. It wasn’t anything that wasn’t true but I know he’s pissed. What does one do in these circumstances other than pay the hell attention the next time?

  • Rant: WHY AM I STILL PREGNANT? So overdue I want to gouge my eyes out.

    Rave: Virgin lime daiquiris at Cactus Cantina saved me from mental breakdown last night.

    Rant: Who knew walking could be so painful?!?!

    Rave: HGTV makes the fact I haven’t moved much from the couch in 6 hours bearable.

    Captcha: crazed the

    2nd Captcha (posting too quickly?!): multiply future

    Oh, goodness…

  • Oh, and I want that pizza. Now, please, thank you.

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