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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

I’ll start this week with a rant/rave. Rave: I tried my first Fat Tire beer at Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan and it was amazing. Rant: Fat Tire still doesn’t import to DC so I won’t have another opportunity to have one in a while.

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  • Oh, I LOVE Fat Tire. I’ll share in that Rave about the beer and Rant that its not available in DC.

  • Fat Tire has really fallen off. Try O’Dell’s if you want a good quality Colorado brew.

    • While I do love New Belgium, I agree that Odell is tops. It’s also much harder to find out east–but the Brickskellar is supposed to have some Odell on Thursday, June 3.

  • Rave: Good dinners at Souk (H ST) and 7th Hill (Eastern market). Souk is clearly working through growing plains, but the food is fantastic and the wine was excellent.

    Rant-ish: Took the Capitol Hill Restoration Society’s home tour. I was surprised by the renovations in these houses. Most were of a modern style. Some of the kitchen’s were too modern (think loft condo w/ IKEA) for the style of the house. You walked from an antique parlor room into something with glass tiled back-splashes. It was weird.

    “Restoration Society” tour made me think I’d be looking at houses that were restored in a period or at least classic look.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weekend, but…
    Rant: too cold and too windy for our planned patio bbq. we had to move the whole show indoors. bummer.

    we still had a great time!

  • Fat Tire is basically Yuengling West. In other words, if you could easily get it here, you probably wouldn’t hear so much about it.

  • Fat Tire makes a good beer, but I agree a lot of the hype has to do with their limited distribution footprint. And these days we don’t really lack for tasty beer options. I’d rather have a seat at Churchkey any day than seek out Fat Tire (or any single beer for that matter). I’m only going out of my way for something served from a cask engine.

    • speaking of footprints; though I would agree that Fat Tire is a bit overrated (some of the other beers offered by New Belgium are darn good) their eco footprint is quite impressive. One of the first american breweries to have wind power, on-ste energy production, grey water recycling, etc. They also offer a free bike to employees after a certain amount of time.

  • Funny that you can’t have a Fat Tire in DC. I’ve recently returned to the DC area from visting my mom in farmland Iowa and it was served at the town’s lone tavern.

  • Rant – I really do love Goldfish.

  • On the topic of edibles … I’m a recent addition to the Petworth neighborhood and wanted to see what the take was on The Hitching Post (I’ve seen some older posts about it and wanted to get more recent thoughts) on Sweet Mango Cafe (ditto). Are they worth it? Things to avoid or must gets? Thanks for the thoughts.

  • Rave: I found some beautiful peonies for my garden.

    Rant: My family didn’t do anything for me on Mother’s Day. Seriously, nothing. Too busy, kids too little, or whatever. But I’m still feeling sorry for myself.

  • Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

  • ^

    That was for queen.

  • Lena Horne died. Damn. Class and beauty all the way. She looked better at 90 than most people looked at 20.

  • rant: packing

    rave: moving this weekend!!!

  • Rant: All the garbage in Columbia heights! What the eff? My roomie and I pick up garbage along our sidewalk every weekend, and never fail to fill up an enitre XL garbage bag full of litter. It is disgusting…people have no pride or respect.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: New medicine to make me productive. Where was this for 29 years?!

    Rant: Had to sell my Dr. Dog ticket because my friends are asshats.

    Observation: The Goldfish girl up there definitely cut her leg shaving. (a real springtime hazard)

  • Not sure what makes me more frustrated, the greed of BP seeking to drill again in the same area, and doing everything they can to collect the oil rather than just plug up the darned well to stop the catastrophy. It’s either that or the fact that this city’s policy on violent juvenile offenders is so freakin’ obviously broken that within the last what seems like days we’ve continued to have multiple accounts of violent crimes being commited by children walking free on the streets of DC after being convicted multiple times of violent offenses. It’s like a mini war zone in this city with all these children running around with guns and ammo!

  • Rant: Working beside bumbling old (middle age) people who strike the keyboard with their index fingers like a giant praying-mantis

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