PoP Preview – Biergarten Haus

Last week it looked like Biergarten haus, located at 1355 H Street, NE was going to open up at the end of this week. While they are now shooting for May 14th for an official opening date, they are still awaiting some final permits before officially announcing an opening date. I was, however, able to take a sneak peek on Tuesday and all I can say is that the hype we’ve been hearing is warranted. The inside feels like a ski lodge with tons of wood and a warm feeling despite some finishing touches still ongoing. The inside actually takes up two floors with a nice bar on the first floor and 5 big flat screen tvs upstairs that will show European soccer matches.

But no matter how good the inside looks the real gem of this place is the outdoor beer garden. It is far larger than I originally anticipated and I’m gonna be bold for a second because I love Wonderland’s patio and I’m even quite fond of Red Rock’s patio but this beer garden (even in its slightly unfinished state) is by far the coolest outdoor restaurant/bar space in the city. It even has an outside bar. The section closer to the building will be mostly standing room/first come first served and the tables in the back will seat 4 tops and larger parties. As I’ve heard a few people say, the only fear is that this place is going to be insanely crowded when they open. Stay tuned for when a final opening date is selected.

Lots more photos after the jump.

Inside taps above and below.

More sweet wood inside above and below.

Outdoor bar in background

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  • Like the Star and Shamrock, I’m sure I’ll end up checking this place out in July or August due to the fear of the massive crowds. But it looks amazing.

  • I’m impressed- that outdoor area really reminds me of Deutschland! Looks great.

  • This is outdoor seating I can get behind. In the back with no buses, exhaust, dogs being walked, dogs doing their business, joggers, homeless, honking horns, etc.

  • They definitely need to have some Apres Ski parties in the winter.

  • I want to live there

  • This is pretty cool. I tried Souk and Liberty Tree Tavern last week and both are very good restaurants. This could be the Zeitgeist of DC!

    • This place looks awesome, but nothing can replace Zeitgeist. There’s no highway overpass running overhead! And in DC we couldn’t get that perfect mix of bike gangs, hipsters, dogs, and babies that Zeitgeist has. Sigh.

      • I know, but a little slice of the good life is better than none…

        My wife wants to become the tamale lady….that could go some distance towards recreating the feel.

      • i bet there are no porta potties with mine and my husband’s initials in it either. but maybe, just maybe it can be close? is DC finally becoming cool?

  • with all the beautiful wood in there it can only get more beautiful over the years… as the wood ages. nice

  • Who are the owners? What else do they own?

  • owned by the same people who own Russia House

  • Das is gut, ja!

  • wonder how kid-friendly it will be? i have a toddler…would love to hang out on a late saturday afternoon with my small family and sip beers and nosh on brats. hey! “bring your brats for brats” could be a happy hour!

    • Kids + bars is never advisable.

      • Agreed. I can’t imagine *any* bar being “kid-friendly”, and if there are any, I would stay far far away from it.

      • man, this is such a conservative tight bottomed town sometimes.

        • I know! I’m going to raise my first-born the European way, and have him drinking and smoking before he reaches puberty. Taking him to bars will be the first step.

  • If they’re really serious about the authentic European beer garden strategy, then I would assume it will be quite child friendly during the day.

  • I think this place alone just raised the value of my home by 10%.

  • Wow, looks AMAZING. I’m so jealous of H Street NE … the number of sweet looking places opening in just a few months is staggering … send some of that love over to Georgia Ave.! Plenty of vacancies … less competition …

  • Seriously? Leave your kids at home.

  • Brats for brats! LOVE it. Yes, bring your kids (during the day). Nothing wrong with a kid in a beer garden.

  • h street makes me wish i was 21 and had disposable income.

  • Depends on how bar-friendly your kid is. I don’t quite agree with Buttercup, but I definitely think it depends on the kid. I don’t think too many people object to kids who are quiet and can stay away from the (beer-guzzling, cursing, walking-around-while-not-looking-underfoot-for-children) other tables, but if your kid is more of a roamer/screamer, maybe a larger, less booze-soaked location would be more appropriate.

    Just my two cents.

  • I don’t think it’s this town – sometimes I feel like this country’s never recovered from prohibition.

    • alcohol is the devils brew and it will corrupt kids to be near it. especially in an outdoor patio at a tavern in their own neighborhood.

  • Wow – uptight people! Most of the world has kids in pubs/beer gardens. They need to learn to drink somewhere! If they get obnoxious, yell at them and send them scurrying. If you get too obnoxious, mom and dad should take them home. If they are taking up too much profitable space with their freaking coloring books and lemonade, it’s up to the management. You can still enjoy your frosty beverage – It just isn’t that big a problem.

  • Gosh dern these H St folk. They done did it again, I sweer. Them folks is just partyin’ up a storm down them thare. Between the coffee, the pie, the bratwurst, the mussels, and the deli food, I sweer I’m just gonna cry.

  • The point is simply that you’re exposing your kid(s) to an atmosphere where the whole point is to consume lots of alcohol and act accordingly.

    If you’re fine with that and accept the potential consequences then I don’t think anyone cares.

  • Seems to me like this isn’t a place that “just happens to serve alcohol” but a place where the FOCUS is on the alcohol. So I don’t know why you’d bring your kid to that kind of venue … are your kids going to get a nutritional meal or enjoy that environment? If it’s just that you want to socialize with your friends and enjoy a few brews, there’s no reason you can’t do that just because you have kids, but: hire a babysitter!

  • Being a Cincinnati Kraut I have fond memories of being taken along with the relatives to a good German biergarten or two as a kid. I had my root beer and they had their steins of the real thing. No big deal. I learned to drink but not get drunk. Getting obviously drunk means ridicule for not being able to control yourself.

  • i’ll just go ahead and cover all the discussion topics in one post so we can move on:

    1) i hope it can fit my stroller
    2) kids shouldn’t be at bars
    3) i hope it has wifi
    4) i can’t believe a cheeseburger costs 12 dollars
    5) i hope it’s dog friendly
    6) H st is the ghetto, a guy pooped there on google street view
    7) streetcar streetcar streetcar
    8) this bar is terrible if they don’t serve my obscure beer
    9) this bar is racist

    what did i miss?

  • Rule of thumb: Kids are cool at bars only until 8:00 pm and only if there’s a substantial enough menu to qualify as a restaurant. Or if the bar is on my street on the way back from the playground.

  • It’s funny that people think the desire to drink in a child-free environment has something to do with conservative attitudes about drinking, or some sort of societal holdover from the teetotaler movement. IT ISN’T. YOUR KIDS ARE ANNOYING AND WE WANT TO DRINK IN PEACE.

  • EXACTLY THIS. Thanks for putting my sentiments into words.

    “It’s funny that people think the desire to drink in a child-free environment has something to do with conservative attitudes about drinking, or some sort of societal holdover from the teetotaler movement. IT ISN’T. YOUR KIDS ARE ANNOYING AND WE WANT TO DRINK IN PEACE.”

  • I won’t bring the kids if you leave your stupid dogs at home. Deal?

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