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  • Last photo is mine, and it was taken on The Ellipse this past Sunday 🙂

  • The scooter parked on the sidewalk really irks me. I used to own a vintage vespa. It was stolen a few years ago and I haven’t replaced it. Anything in DC, MD, VA over 50cc is considered a motorcycle. Thus, no parking on the sidewalk, you must register with plates, and follow regular motorcycle rules (license). Just like bicycles, folks on scooters get a lot of grief from 4 wheelers and people that violate the rules just make it worse.

    Additionally there are about 6 scooters that park on the sidewalk on my street. Each of them motor down the sidewalk to their “parking spaces”. There are about 84 people that live on my block alone, if we all had scooters and drove/parked on the sidewalk it would get hairy. I really wish the city would do something about this. I’ve reported them and cited the city ordinances where these rules were being broken, but the parking folks just keep a’ walkin’.

  • 50cc and above I should say. Vespas like the one pictured start at 50cc and go to 175cc. All of them are motorcycles according to the city.

  • I’ve gotten a parking ticket on my 50cc scooter in DC. Following the advice of the person writing the ticket, I just remove my tags when I park on the sidewalk. That Vespa is parked outside a house on Florida Ave. NW. It is parked on private property.

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