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  • OMG – The Tea Party is growing!

  • Looks like old lady gonna shoot the flagpole.

  • it looks like that teabagger has an oddly bent hard-on for the american flag.

  • Is that shadow a boat? I know it makes literally no sense but it looks like one.

  • It looks like an artistic picture conveying the arrival of a woman’s sunset years, through the sunset, and while she contemplates blowing out her brains and ending her life which she now realizes lacked any real meaning and is filled with regret and broken promises – she notices the American flag and she thinks of the country she once loved – the country which promised her a lavish and fulfilling existence but has been since besieged by COMMUNIST NAZIS bent on overthrowing democracy. She decides to follow Glenn Beck and help in spreading irrational fear from sea to shining sea!

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