HGTV Show Casting in DC

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Sounds cool but I can’t believe the only compensation is a DVD copy of the episode…

From a press release:

“MY FIRST SALE, the popular primetime HGTV show, is looking for first-time home sellers (and their real estate agents!) in the Washington DC/Arlington VA areas.

We are looking for fun, high-energy people who are just starting the process of selling their first place! Our cameras will be there to capture all the trials and tribulations, stress and success of prepping for sale, pricing, negotiating, and ultimately selling a home for the first time.

Taping will begin in Spring 2010 and will continue through Winter 2010. Ideal candidates will be motivated, financially candid people who want to share the experience and the purchase details with HGTV and their audience. Singles, couples and families are all invited to apply!

if selected to appear on an episode of My First Sale, home sellers will receive a DVD copy of the episode to enjoy for years to come. Real estate agents will also receive a DVD of the episode. If this sounds like fun, first-time sellers should apply now for immediate consideration!

For more information or an application contact:
Sami Hartman
[email protected]

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  • Talk to me when that guy from Yard Crashers is at the Home Depot.

  • You’re right, that’s pretty weak. All I get is a DVD in exchange for having cameras and bright lights in my face all the time, along with a dozen production people getting in my way?

    I suppose it’s just not for me, but I guess if you dream of seeing yourself on HGTV, then maybe it’s worth it.

    • I always assumed that they at least cover the cost of the “upgrades” that the host suggests to make the home more attractive to buyers: painting, furniture, repairs, decor, etc. For this show in particular it’s usually a couple thousand, peanuts from a production standpoint.

      And I secretly look out for that Yard Crashers dude every time I’m at HD. It seems like the production is based out of California, though. With the other Discovery/HGTV action in DC maybe there is hope!

  • You wouldn’t believe what people will do to be on television. This is a fairly typical arrangment (no compensation) but sounds like a tough show to shoot…having bought and sold houses in the past, there are a lot of decision points. Not sure how a film crew can be there for all of them without recreations….

  • Also if anyone spots Niecy Nash, she needs to head over to my parents house.

    • When A&E Hoarders finishes with my parent’s house and basement, I’ll give them your parent’s address.

  • SouthwestDC

    While we’re on the subject of HGTV, I’d like to share a rant. When I was out sick last week I saw a DC version of My First Place. The couple was “forced” to look for homes in Alexandria because DC was purportedly too expensive. They then proceeded to look at three of the most boring cookie cutter suburban homes you can imagine. It was not representative of DC real estate in the least! Why doesn’t HGTV find homebuyers who are looking for houses with a lot of character in interesting neighborhoods?

  • people are mixing apples and oranges here. Shows like Design to Sell and Get it Sold, have a budget to cover costs of minimal repairs and renovations that are suggesterd by the hosts. My First Place couples received a gift for their new place. My First Sale doesn’t have a host and nothing is suggested for putting the house on the market, other than what a real estate agent says. All they get is the thrill of being on their own reality TV show and don’t have to fix anything. As for the ranter, i worked on all these shows and a couple people did buy in Capital Hill and Chinatown.

    • You’re right, I’m getting them mixed up. The shows are so vastly different from each other, how could I make that mistake (kidding!)?

      Since we have an insider responding here, is there ever any pressure on these couples to settle on a purchase to “complete” the episode? I’m mostly thinking of that horrendous Property Virgins woman who never met a NAR sound byte she didn’t like. I’ve never seen buyers end up saying, “Everything you’ve shown us is crap, we’ll wait a little longer and see what comes along”. Dump her and double the time slots for Mike Holmes.

      • me

        I know that Property Virgins, in particular, has so many shows per season. Of that number, they can only have a very small percentage of those shows be non-buys. So while there’s a little bit of pressure, Sandra isn’t the realtor and you get months of working with a local realtor before you buy. If you end up not buying and they already have their quota of non-buying episodes, they’re not happy. And more than likely, your episode will not air.

  • There watched an HGTV show in based in DC last week, I think it was Property Virgin or something like that. Guy was looking for condo in Mt Vernon Square area….he ended up with a great “deal” on a $580,000 penthouse condo with a roof deck.

  • Not a good place to follow first time home buyers.

  • My brother and I flip houses in D.C. and were filmed by HGTV. We didn’t get a DVD of the “Get It Sold” episode we were on. We did get lots of furniture and accessories (so much that I had to report it to the IRS as a gift). And it was a blast to hang out with the crew.

    It’s pretty common to find HGTV shows being filmed in D.C. and Baltimore. One of their primary production companies is located in Baltimore. However I will say it is a blast to be recognized by Soccer Moms when travelling. “Hey I saw you on HGTV” never gets old.

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