New Contest: Parody The Prince of Persia Trailer

Well during snowsanity I was reminded that there are some seriously creative readers out there. So when I saw the above trailer I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for you to use your talents to make fun of PoP.

So I challenge you guys to make a parody Prince of Petworth Trailer. The winner can take their pick for a prize. You can choose either a dinner with me at the restaurant of your choice (up to $100) or you can put me to work on your house. You can chose 2 hours of my labor for things like yard work or cleaning. Hopefully there will be enough entries where I can pick 3 finalists and you guys will pick the winner. All entries must be submitted to me (princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com) by June 7th.

Good luck.

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  • PoP I’m a bit confused. I can’t tell if the video above is the movie trailer or if it’s video source material from your day to day adventures creating this blog?

  • Awesome! I don’t think I’m that creative but I can’t wait to see the entries.

    What’s the closing date?

  • Hey, Mac owners, now is your chance to use all that video editing software you never used before.

  • Ummm, pass.

  • I think PoP just went for this one because the initials are also PoP.

    This should’ve been a trailer for the A-Team movie that’s coming out soon.

    Everybody should come up with the most inspired casting replacements for the well-known original.

    Prince of Persia? I think somebody should do a trailer using the original video game.

  • Would babysitting services be considered? I might just try this…

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