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  • me either!

    captcha = crueler indirectly

  • Is it about the Arizona law? Hard to tell. The art is craop, though.

  • Great commentary on how nutty people are in DC bars about carding. If there was a zombie apocalypse it would totally be just like this.

    • Carding in DC is only strict because the Alcohol Beverage Control folks fine the crap out of the doorperson and bartenders personally if they get busted letting someone without valid ID in, and they routinely perform stings.

  • Is it just me, or does that look strikingly like the Wonder Show from the outside?

  • What’s the word that’s scratched out in the next to last panel?

  • Stupid and mean (and badly drawn.) Yeah, bars are tough with carding these days – you get shut down if you’re not. Live with it. If you can’t arrange your underage drinking some other way you don’t deserve the buzz.

    Clearly trying to depict Wonderland – so even more dull and uninspired. It’s like whining because the Easter bunny left you all the weird jelly beans. Sorry – I get enormously annoyed with petty rage.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I thought it was just a joke about zombies. I read World War Z later than most but loved it.

  • It’s a comic, people – ctfo.

  • No – read the words.

  • More importantly, I don’t appreciate/get the depiction of the neighborhood…

    If I’m reading the comic correctly, it is mocking the “security” at WL in contrast to the “bombed out ghetto” that surrounds it (body in the street, trashed houses, burning cars).

    If you want to say that WL is a dump, that’s fine, its hardly a pristine establishment, but I just get the impression that the artist has never been to the ‘hood in sober daylight hours…

    I mean, what the hell are they talking (drawing) about?

  • Classic DC over analyzation trying to take the fun out of things. Love the comic. I get carded every place I go and lately have been getting the Larry David stare down from door people. I’m 29 and look it, wtf?

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