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  • Sweet! Sidewalk seating is lacking in MTP for sure. In fact I think Dos Gringos and Don Jauns are the only two that have it. And Dos Gringos is only a cafe. It would certainly be nice to enjoy some food AND drink outside on a nice day.

  • Mount Pleasant Street is basically a filthy trash pit. I barely want to eat inside there, let alone outside.

    That aside, I’m torn about the sidewalk seating. I seem to always be negotiating my way past people loitering or walking *really* slow there, so decreasing sidewalk space seems bad. On the other hand, I’d rather negotiate my way past outdoor seating than people loitering, so maybe it would be a slight improvement.

  • My main problem with this idea is that the sidewalk there is really too narrow to accommodate tables and chairs. My secondary problem is that Haydees is not a destination in any sense of the word. GDopplerXT is mostly right.

    • Basically you’re ordering wrong. Haydees has served me some of the best shrimp I’ve ever had in DC. Everyone at my table was stunned by the shrimp.

  • Wow. A lot of Mt. P haters.
    I say, “Go Haydee’s!”

  • not to get sidetracked but Mt. P could be extremely nice. Unfortunately the neighborhood’s aversion to bigger name stores is probably the reason. A Caribou Coffee would do the neighborhood some good.

    • You do realize that Shop America (consisting of Best Buy, Marshalls, Target, Radio Shack, Staples, etc, etc) is two blocks away in Columbia Heights. And I’m sure that you also realize that since that shopping center was built, CoHeights has been inundated with chain restaurants such as Panda Express, Potbellys, Five Guys and Chipotle, to the detriment of almost every family owned business in a two block radius. Now, dont get me wrong, I enjoy all of those restaurants, but the beauty of Mt. P is that it is one of the few areas in DC where you can get a quality authentic Salvadorean or Mexican meal.

      Just to clarify: a Caribou Coffee is not the solution. Its probably more of the problem.

  • I love haydees. I do agree that outdoor seating would be asking too much. There is enough flavor in the food without all the street flavor.

  • Some people consider Mt P nice because it does not have “bigger name stores. Also, the Haydees bashing is fine. It means the place will still be tolerable for the rest of us who are regular patrons there.

  • Im a big Haydees fan, but I agree there isnt enough space outside Haydees for outdoor seating.

    And Mt. Pleasant St., agreed its not the cleanest. But would GDopplerXT still have an issue if the Hispanic people there were replaced by white people or in general the kind of crowd you see at Georgetown loitering around or walking slowly? – I guess not.

  • I love Haydees and I love outdoor seating! This is good news. Will be curious to see how it actually “works” but if it does, word up!

  • Can’t say I love Haydee’s, but I’m glad it’s there. Outdoor seating can only help the place. As for MtP St being a pit because it doesn’t allow chains, I suppose there’s a reasonable argument to be made that some of MtP’s wounds are self-inflicted, but at the same time, you will find that many (most?) MtP residents are glad that their neighborhood hasn’t gone the way of Columbia Heights. What scarce retail exists on MtP mainly caters to the people that actually live there. It will never be a retail or dining destination. And that’s a good thing.

  • I love the idea of Haydee’s having sidewalk seating but I don’t understand where they’re going to put it (there’s only room for about two tables for two outside their front door). I’m still dreaming that a restaurant or cafe will take over the old super market space (at Kenyon) and convert the outdoor parking space to an outdoor seating area…

  • Mount Pleasant IS a destination. Those destinations are Marx Cafe, Tonic and the Raven. And maybe Dos Gringos, Haydees and the bakery. And Ercilias and that takeout place…I don’t include Don Juan since I don’t like the guys who stumble out, pee on the wall and break bottles outside.

  • I love Mt. Pleasant AND I love Haydee’s, but I don’t think someone should be considered racist for objecting to some of the street traffic.

    While leaving Haydee’s the other night and walking home to my house, someone yelled some raunchy comments about my (ahem) anatomy. A few minutes later, a man peeing at the bus stop turned around swiftly when he heard us walking and ended up urinating on my shoe.

    I will continue to go to Mt. Pleasant and frequent all the great places I love, but I think the “You are racist” comment is laughable. Show me where race was mentioned in that comment?


  • MtP is certainly NOT a destination in the way that Columbia Heights is becoming one. The big box development there, along with the growing concentration of bars and restaurants is attracting people not only from the surrounding neighborhoods, but from all over the city, and maybe even the inner suburbs. As for the racist accusation, I think ballslightning was being sarcastic, given his comment further down below.

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