More U Street News

Sadly also not terribly exciting but the new renovation going on at the corner of the 13th and U Streets, NW is now sporting a ‘Coming Soon’ sign for Georgetown Valet drycleaners. I think they also have a spot near Eatonville on V Street just east of 14th.

Back in January we also learned that Boundless Yoga was also going into this space.

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  • Georgetown Valet does indeed have a location two doors east of Eatonville in the Union Row building. Is it really going to operate two separate locations within two blocks of each other? This would seem more extreme than the proliferation of CVS and Starbucks stores downtown.

  • Isn’t Waffle House moving in here?

  • This is disappointing. I would have hoped for something more exciting to move to this location. Not only do we already have a Georgetown Valet in the neighborhood, but they are mediocre and ludicrously overpriced.

  • Boooooooooooooooooooring!
    What’s going on with the space next to the Lincoln Theater, that used to be Pink November? I heard a Five Guys rumor way back.

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