Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Cleveland Park

This rental is located at Porter st NW at Wisconsin:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This large lower level sunny apartment of a single family home, has its own separate and private entrance. The apartment is newly renovated and has exotic hardwood floors throughout. It features a large full bath with a vanity with a granite counter top and ceramic tiling on floors and walls. This apartment features a beautiful Eat-in kitchen with Granite Counter Tops, High End (Jenn Air) Stainless Steel appliances (Jenn Air Convection Oven) and Stainless Steel cabinets. It has 9 foot ceilings and is not the typical basement apartment as it is apart of a tri-level contemporary home. All utiities, electric, water, and gas are included. It also includes a washer and dryer. It’s located within a 8 minute walk to the Tenleytown subway and a 5 minute walk to the Cleveland Park subway.”

I’d never heard of a luxury basement apartment before but I gotta admit the bedroom looks pretty cool with those windows. Do you think $1895 sounds reasonable for this location?

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  • From there to Cleveland Park Metro is almost a mile. In other words NOT a five minute walk. And its actually a shorter distance to Tenley Metro at .8 something miles. (Not an 8 minute walk). Not to split hairs or anything but it’s false advertising.

  • unless the location is not quite as advertised on the map, anon3:08 is correct. you’d have to be “walking” at about 6mph to get to tenley metro. that’s called jogging.

    the bedroom looks nice, but not much else does from the photos. i’d pick somewhere else to spend 1900/month.

  • Also who calls it the subway?

  • You guys don’t walk at a 5 minute mile pace? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

    • Hahaha. Love it.

      But yeah, this is not a good deal. The home-owners are just being greedy, and either they or their realtor are being sleazy about the descriptions (it’s a 15-20min walk, and it’s quite hilly in places). Anytime I see an ad that so clearly lies about things like distance to the metro, it makes me think there’s probably a lot else that’s wrong with the place that’s being glossed over. Even that photo of the “open living area” looks like it’s just a wide hallway.

  • Terrible location. I vote OR NOT on this deal.

  • no pets for 1900? please.

  • $1900 for a basement that isn’t on metro? I think this will remain vacant for some time.
    My advice to the landlord – put a counter over the washing machine so that it doesn’t look like it was just thrown in. Then go to home depot and spend $200 and get a decent light fixture(s) for the kitchen.

    As far as the walk to the metro – why lie?
    I’d rent it for $1250- maybe 1300.

  • Nope, not worth $1900 for a one bedroom. Only a fool would pay that.

  • Wow that BR pic looks great but the kitchen pic in the ad is depressing.

    I think maybe the metro thing is a typo and they meant 15 minute walk. Though it’s definitely not 8 minutes to Tenleytown Metro. It’s about the same distance to each.

    But yeah $1900 seems to be way too much for that location.

  • Awful, shitty deal.

    There are too many viable neighborhoods in the city now for people with that kind of money to spend on rent for them to consider something like this.

  • Some of the most badly taken real estate photos I’ve ever seen. Needs kitchen remodel. Needs the “below grade discount”.

    Surprisingly, there are a couple one bedrooms listed on Craig’s List in Cleveland Park at $1900+. So the shocker for me is that people pay that much to live in CP.

    Did the “Giant Foo” finally get a “D”? How’d it get so pricey up there?

    • Nobody who isn’t a complete idiot pays that much for a 1BR in Cleveland Park unless it’s brand new, huge, and comes with parking.

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