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  • Way to support your cause by being the typical cliché pot smokers… How many hippies does it take to change a light bulb? Zero. Hippies can’t change anything. Jerry is dead. Phish sucks. Get a job.

    • F*ing awesome! +1 million on that!
      Lemme see, should we get some glaucoma and cancer patients to hold signs and speak about how medicinal mj has helped them regain their appetites and ease their pain?

      …or should we gather up a bunch of patchouli oil stoners to play hacky sack and sleep in the park?

    • Comment of the month! (Except I like Phish.)

      I can’t discern meaningful content, much less a compelling argument, from any of the signs in that fourth picture.

    • My thoughts exactly.

  • How about a PoP smoke off?

  • If I could dance I would be straight edge, but I wish these “activists” all of the luck in the world.

    I have to laugh because the pictures say it all.

    Those people sure don’t look like glaucoma patients are chemotherapy victims looking for something to help settle their stomachs.

    I’m guessing we will know when their movement gets near getting the support when they want when they drop the pretense and just come right out on their signs and state they want pot the way people who like alcohol want their drinks.

  • Many years ago I attended the big ‘pot’ fest in Piedmont park Atlanta. It was a pretty big deal with well known bands and 50k attending.

    The above pictures look pretty lame.

  • I’m all for legalizing marijuana, but I always wonder why the issue’s most outspoken proponents are always so detrimental to their own cause.

  • I support the de-criminalization and/or legalization of cannabis but the folks out on the protest lines for it are such a liability to that ever happening.

  • *Facepalm* –

    I love the “Hemp is the #1 Medicine” – This guy is to uninformed to realize HEMP has nothing to do with smokable stuff and is a word for the FIBER that is created from the plant. Maybe he likes smoking rope. Dumbass

  • *Facepalm* –

    “This guy is to uninformed to realize HEMP has nothing to do with smokable stuff and is a word for the FIBER that is created from the plant. Maybe he likes smoking rope. Dumbass.”

    …and apparently this guy is too uninformed to use the right form of “too”. put down the blunt dude, it’s barely noon!

    • Holy crap! The blog comment spelling and grammar police strike again! You totally tore that mfer up dude! He will never forget his lesson, we know that much woe will befall anyone else who forgets that extra “o” in the comments!

      C’mon, someone criticize this post as well- then we can have a four-stage snark tower!

      • Seriously, you really don’t want us to start listing all your shortcomings. I’d be more than happy to get the ball rolling, but it’s a nice day, and I don’t feel like being responsible for making a grown man cry.

    • Actually I am Asian and this is my 4th language. 1 letter from a natural speaking grammar nazi is a complement.

  • All these protesters certainly look like they use pot for medicinal reasons………

  • For what it’s worth, you should’ve capitalized Nazi.

  • In my experience, people who toast other people on writing errors usually do not have a rejoinder to the point of the comment ( no matter how it is written )


    anything better to do.

  • More Stuff White People Like!

  • Despite the error regarding “hemp” versus the smokeable portion of the plant, it is interesting to note that these signs are legible unlike, for example, tea-bagger signs.

    Perhaps the ill effects of smoking pot aren’t as debilitating as simply breathing the air south of the Mason-Dixon?

    • wow, you sure showed those tea baggers! good for you!

      sarcasm aside, what exactly was your point with this post?

  • Tea Baggers vs. Hippies: You Decide!

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